Facebook watch how to enter?.

Facebook watch how to enter? One of the social media platforms most important in current times is Facebook without a doubt. It offers a large number of functions for the entertainment of its users, which currently amounts to 2.5 billion people around the world.

They can make publications with images, texts, make comments, chat with friends and enjoy audiovisual content such as videos. This last section was integrated into a section called Facebook watch.

Facebook watch how to enter?

Its birth is attributed to a way to centralize the videos that are uploaded to the platform and so that users can have access to them in a faster and easier way, than having to enter groups, pages or people profiles.

Additionally, another of its objectives is to compete with other applications of content streaming audiovisual media such as YouTube including Netflix, despite the fact that because it is a recently developed section, it does not have all the components that you can find on this last platform, but every day it adds new functions and that Facebook has decided to develop for the future. original content.

Facebook watch how to enter?

If you don’t know Facebook Watch, you just have to continue reading this article.

Where to find facebook watch?

Being able to enter this section is a very simple procedure to carry out. It is available both in the version for desktop web browsers and in applications developed for mobile systems.

Facebook watch how to enter?

On the desktop platform

On the Facebook websiteyou only have to enter your account using the username and password.

Once this is done, scroll to the top of the interface where some icons of how Facebook works. Watch is located to the left of the screen and is easily recognizable as a video playback triangle.

Facebook watch how to enter?

in the app

To locate Facebook watch on the mobile application You only have to enter your account using the credentials intended for it, then you must move to the top of the interface, where there are some icons.

To the left of the screen you will find one in the form of video playback triangles; This is Facebook watch.

What will you find facebook watch?

When you enter Facebook watch you will find a infinite video feed that will be played as the previous one ends. In addition, in the upper right part, depending on the web version or the application, there will be some icons that will take you to live videos, saved videos, recommendations, lists, among others.

Facebook watch how to enter?

You will also find a search bar that will help you locate any video that is uploaded to the Facebook platform.

Regarding reproductionit is possible to expand the video to full screen mode, scroll to the bottom right corner of the video playback and once you press the arrows to expand the view, it will appear on the left side of the screen, the list of videos that they will be played when the one in which they are playing ends.