Facebook watch How to use?.

Facebook watch how to use? content streaming audiovisual media has experienced growing popularity in recent years. Platforms such as Netflix, Disney + and even Amazon Prime video, have experienced a growing user affiliation, especially since the arrival of the coronavirus, which generated the state of a global pandemic.

Likewise, the possibility of connecting to the Internet in almost any mobile device and fixed, it has made it possible for more than one person to enjoy any video, film, documentary or series in a much easier way, than using a television and the public or private television signal.

Facebook watch How to use?

Therefore, the social network that has the largest number of affiliated users in the world; Facebook designed its own system video streaming of free transmission known as Facebook watch.

Do you know facebook watch?

If you don’t know yet facebook watch, this is a small tab or section that is available on the Facebook platform. It is possible to locate it at the top of the Facebook icon bar and it has the shape of a video playback triangle. It usually has a small notice with the number of new videos updated since the last viewing.

Facebook watch How to use?

It was born as an alternative to Facebook to compete with other streaming systems such as YouTube and Netflix, even though they work in different ways. Its objective is the transmission of videos of any kind. Another difference with respect to other streaming platforms is that it is completely free and anyone is able to upload their videos and share them.

Another of its objectives is to centralize all the videos that are get on the platformso that anyone can have access to them in a faster and easier way.

Facebook watch How to use?

How does Facebook watch work?

  • The operation or use of Facebook watch can be given in a very simple way. Once you enter this section, you will find several elements and you will be able to see that your interface is very simple.
  • Towards the right side of the screen, you will find the search bar. Below it there will be several filters to perform the search, how to order by most recent, publication date or if you want the video to be live or not
  • Other elements that you will find will be: live videos, recommendations and lists.
  • In the central part you will find a practically infinite feed of videos. It is possible that these videos are recommendations that the platform makes based on the information that it has registered about your activity, such as the groups that you follow and the comments and posts that you have made on Facebook.
  • You can enjoy the playback of this video from this screen, but you can also expand it through the arrows located in the lower right corner of the video playing.
  • Once the video has expanded and covers practically the entire screen, towards the right side will be located the data that describe the video and below this data the next four videos that will be played once the one that is playing ends.