Facebook will also embark on augmented reality.

Facebook now sees a great future not only in virtual but also in augmented reality devices. That is, if VR is not enough, AR can come.

A few years ago, Facebook came as a huge surprise when it unexpectedly bought Oculus and announced that it would now be actively working with virtual realities. So far, we have only seen the fruits of this research for the duration of one or two short presentations, but the company has already begun to wink at another direction, which is nothing but augmented reality.

Oculus lead researcher Michael Abrash says the technology behind virtual reality is extremely exciting and will evolve a lot in the years to come, but there are certain things that will always be weak points:

Facebook will also embark on augmented reality

“VR will offer more and more compelling experiences and the time will come when we can bring reality into the virtual world and then discover it safely and comfortably. Seeing what’s new on my team, I can make it clear that the future of VR is extremely bright, but there’s a key area where VR will never be good enough, and that’s nothing more than mixed reality. ”

Abrash says no matter how good VR devices will be, there will be a lot of people who will be uncomfortable not seeing the other’s eyes while talking to him, and social acceptance is key to any technology we want to wear in public. According to him, the future lies in fully transparent glasses that unobtrusively provide us with extra information about our environment, but it takes years for this kind of technology to become available.

Facebook will also embark on augmented reality

There are more and more companies working to deliver the full AR experience, including CastAR, whose director Steve Parkis agrees that it will take a long time to develop the technology, but the learning process leading up to it has already begun:

“Pokémon Go and Instagram live filters are absolutely considered the beginning of augmented reality, just as punch cards used to be important on the road to the personal computer. Recently, AR didn’t even exist and will change a lot soon, but that’s not means that the first iterations don’t matter.In the end, it will be up to the consumers to decide and it is up to us to arouse their interest and grab their attention.The stickers, filters and Pikachuk have done this task perfectly because people are very interested the price!”

Facebook will also embark on augmented reality

According to Parkis, the fact that large companies are interested in augmented reality is not only exciting and motivating, but also very important in technology diffusion, as they are the market players who have the right resources to make these innovations a bigger one. also reach the public.

Incidentally, according to the director, it is also important that while VR and AR are currently evolving in separate paths, it is absolutely likely that in 20-30 years, the two directions will eventually merge and this collision will have an immeasurable impact on the way we use computers.

Facebook will also embark on augmented reality

What do you think about this? In which direction do you see greater imagination?

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