Fallout 76 beta will launch in October and Playground Mode will return to Fortnite.

The superheroes are gradually making way for the game characters, because Gamescom is almost already! Before that there will be a few more weeks of nice N8W8s, for example with news about Fallout 76.

It’s already July 24, that summer vacation is flying over. Fortunately it is still scorching hot for a few days, so the time goes quite slowly. And a very hot N8W8, because there is plenty of news!

Fallout 76 beta will launch in October and Playground Mode will return to Fortnite

Fallout 76’s beta starts in October

Hopefully you have an Xbox One, because then you can enjoy the beta of Fallout 76 first. It starts in October and Xbox One owners are the first to gain access. PC and PS4 will eventually follow, although it is not yet clear when exactly. The game should be released at least November 14th.

Fallout 76 beta will launch in October and Playground Mode will return to Fortnite

Switch gets open beta of Dragon Ball FighterZ and a new multiplayer

Namco Bandai has announced that Dragon Ball FighterZ is getting an open beta ahead of its release on Nintendo Switch this fall. This open beta will start in August. There is more news as new multiplayer options are also coming to the game. On the Switch you can enjoy 2v2, 1v1 and an offline mode in which you can play with six players.

Big viewers in Alita: Battle Angel

Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming movie Alita: Battle Angel was the talk of the town a while ago. What’s with those huge manga eyes? This has been changed in the last trailer. Shown at Comic-Con and now here at PU, the brand new trailer for Alita: Battle Angel. The film should be released at the end of this year.

Fallout 76 beta will launch in October and Playground Mode will return to Fortnite

Fired from OnRush developer Evo

The director of Driveclub, Paul Rushy Rustchynsky, has been fired by his studio. Because OnRush was not the success that was expected, a lot of people are fired from the studio. OnRush appears to have sold only 1000 physical games in the UK in the first week after launch, which is not much. The post-release content for OnRush just keeps on coming, but it is of course very sad that the studio is linking up again.

Cool: LEGO Fortnite Battle Royale

YouTuber Bearly Regal has recreated a kind of Fortnite in LEGO Worlds in which you can play a crazy version of Battle Royale. It looks great!

Fallout 76 beta will launch in October and Playground Mode will return to Fortnite

July 25, Playground Mode returns to Fortnite

Epic has announced on Twitter that Playground Mode is returning to Fortnite. In patch v5.10, you can expect a few new upgrades to the mode on July 25th, but also the mode itself. For example, there is a new team selection where you can practice and work together better. Patch notes will be released later this week, so we’ll know more.

Played five Fallout games in an hour and a half

Speedrunner tomatoanus (fancy name, man) has played no less than five Fallout games in just an hour and a half. These are Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4. It uses glitches and handy paths. Especially Fallout 2 and 3 are a breeze for him, because he plays them in just 15 minutes each.

Let’s get lucky ?!

The song “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams has suddenly taken on a new dimension, as it seems that Pokémon Go is being expanded with Lucky Pokémon. What?! Yes. After a photo was tweeted on July 22, fans have figured out after much zooming in that Chansey says “Lucky Pokémon”. We have not seen that before! And that’s right, because Niantic has already announced in the patch notes of the new update that Lucky Pokémon will be added. All you have to do is trade Pokémon, because then it could be that both Pokémon become Lucky variants.

Fallout 76 beta will launch in October and Playground Mode will return to Fortnite

Chris Pratt plays two characters in the second LEGO movie

What’s better than one Chris Pratt? Two of course! That will also happen in the sequel to The LEGO Movie, because the funny actor not only has his famous role of Emmet, but also a new character called Rex Dangervest. Dangervest is a raptor trainer, which is a super cute reference to Jurassic World. In any case, this trailer is to eat. Especially that bomb from the intergalactic visitors is epic.

Stan Lee has cameo in non-Marvel movie

Maybe you have already seen it in the cinema: that super cool Teen Titans standee with that bike that you can sit on for a photo, but which no one dares because it is all cardboard and you will soon fall through! Anyway, Stan Lee has a cameo in that movie. Funny because of course it is not a Marvel cinematic universe movie, but also because he becomes a cartoon figure. He already had a really cool cameo in Ant-man and the Wasp, but the movie Teen Titans Go! To The Movies seems to have a Stan Lee too. Cool.

First part of Blizzards Warbringers released

Great things today, because in the run-up to World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth on August 14, Blizzard has set up a video series called Warbringers. The first episode is out and it’s about Jaina Proudmoore. Then each episode will be about one of the main characters in the game.

Fallout 76 beta will launch in October and Playground Mode will return to Fortnite

Eisner Awards honors mangaka Rumiko Takahashi

You might have noticed, maybe you haven’t, but the last few Guards were written by women. Very nice and special, apparently, because only now is it at the big comic awards called Eisner Awards that a female comic maker is being honored. Nowadays it is a world in which mainly men work, but make no mistake: there are also many ladies who can draw well or articulate stories beautifully in speech bubbles. Marjorie Liu, Amanda Conner, Alison Bechdel, Gail Simone, Fiona Staples and Ann Nocenti, for example. This year at the Eisner Awards there is a lot more room for women than before, and Rumiko Takahashi in particular is reaping the benefits. This manga artist is the first female manga writer to receive Eisner Hall of Fame status. She is known for Urusei Yatsura, InuYasha and Maison Ikkoku. In addition, she is one of the richest people in the world. Her books have been sold more than 170 million times. Wow.

Reading tip: open the book Persepolis, a classic! With that book tip, this W8 is over. Don’t melt, just enjoy and have a nice day today!