Family access in iOS 8. Advantages and disadvantages + instructions.

Family access in iOS 8. Advantages and disadvantages + instructions

family access – is one of the most useful features of iOS 8, designed specifically for those who share apple devices with their family and friends. You already know the situation: your wife has an iPhone, your son an iPod touch and your parents an iPad. Each one has a different account with different purchases. It is inconvenient and a mistake.

Your purchases at the supermarket are owned by all family members equally. It works the same way. family access. Everything you’ve purchased from your Apple ID account will be available to everyone in your family for free. Conversely, what they have bought is also at your disposal. The function allows you Save a lot of money and lose nothing in the process. How to set it up – see our instructions below.

Family access in iOS 8. Advantages and disadvantages + instructions

supported family access only on devices with iOS 8 installed. Accordingly, all family members should update to iOS 8. It’s very easy to do – all instructions and links are available in the corresponding articles on our website. As soon as the home changes to the latest firmware version, you can start! It is up to the head of the family to take care of this. probably you 😉

On the device you have, open Settings -> iCloud. Tap on Family Access, then get to work. The screen should show your main apple ID account, which you once linked your bank card to. If it is correct, tap Continue with, and then tap Continue again. You can add your own photo in the process: it’s nice, feel free to do it.

Family access in iOS 8. Advantages and disadvantages + instructions

The first stone has been successfully laid. Now you are organizer and manager of a shared home library made up of all your loved ones’ purchases from the iTunes Store and App Store history. It’s just a matter of adding household members to your “Family”.

TO To add a family member in the Family Access group, you have to do it yourself send him an invite. Open Settings -> iCloud -> Family. Choose Add a family member. Find the spouse/children/parents in the contact list that opens. You can use the search function.

Family access in iOS 8. Advantages and disadvantages + instructions

If you know your family member’s Apple ID username/password, you can enter them directly from your device, unilaterally activating their group membership. Or you can do something more human and just send an invite. Sounds interesting: it’s not only an email to which the recipient’s apple ID is linked, but also push notificationthat reaches all devices instantly.

As soon as the recipient clicks this notification, they’ll be prompted to connect to your Family Access library. If the invitation is accepted, you will be notified immediately via email and in the Notification Center.

Family access in iOS 8. Advantages and disadvantages + instructions

By default, family members connect to the shared Family Access Library as full-fledged adults with their own wallet and bank card. If you need to add child under 13 years Without a personal Apple ID, just click the inconspicuous blue line at the bottom of the Family menu (Settings -> iCloud). This is a unique mode that allows you to create a special account that has two important limitations. You cannot link a bank card to it, and purchases can be made from it from the account of any of the adults. This is implemented as follows.

As soon as a child tries to buy a song, an application, a video or an In-App purchase, the head of the household or any other adult puts push alert with subsequent action options. Next, authorize the purchase and, therefore, authorize the charge of your own card, or reject the transaction.

It’s a must-have feature for all parents, who can now buy their own iPhones and iPads for their kids, set up personal accounts for them, and sleep easy. It is the answer to the greed and cunning of developers who disguise in-game purchases in children’s games. Never again will a child empty your card or account, either accidentally or on purpose. Up to youwhat they buy, even if you are thousands of kilometers away.

Family access in iOS 8. Advantages and disadvantages + instructions

Users added to your Family group, automatically unlock all your iTunes Store and App Store purchases, whether past or future. In broad strokes, your applications can now free to install on the devices of family and friends. The same goes for music: songs purchased from iTunes can be freely downloaded to any of your devices, regardless of their owner. Purchases in the apple ecosystem have become shared and can only be done once for all users in the family.

It should be noted that app developers, as well as music and movie retailers, have the right to opt out of the Family Access system. In this case, your content will not be available on devices linked to other apple IDs. However, this situation is an exception to the rule and is very rare.

iTunes Match also does not participate in the Family Access system. Your cloud media libraries won’t be accessible to other family members, except for songs you’ve purchased directly from the iTunes Store. Finally, all rented movies are “passed” for obvious reasons.

Family access in iOS 8. Advantages and disadvantages + instructions

Check how access to apps and music is organized for Family Access library members. There is a crucial difference between the two. Suppose you have bought a music album. If you can see it in the Shopping menu, the rest of your family can only see it in Family. You can find it in the last tabs of the App Store and the iTunes Store.

In. Family displays all purchases by Family Access users. That is whereand not directly from the store, you must download music that you have not personally purchased. Otherwise, you will simply be charged again. It’s not the most comfortable format, but in general it’s no different from working with the normal Go Shopping menu. From here you can download tracks and entire albums without further ado. Everything opens and plays as if you bought it yourself. That’s what’s nice. Family accessEverything that housemates buy belongs not only to them, but also to all other members of the house.

No App Restrictions: With Family Access turned on, all users can download paid, but previously purchased apps and games directly from the App Store.

To recap. Family access allows you to share the following content:

Family access in iOS 8. Advantages and disadvantages + instructions

– applications purchased from the App Store;
– music purchased from the iTunes Store;
– movies purchased from the iTunes Store;
– books purchased from the iBookstore.

family access. not included:

– in-app purchases on the App Store;
– movies rented from the iTunes Store;
– music in the iTunes Match cloud media library.

Family access in iOS 8. Advantages and disadvantages + instructions

In addition to purchases, members of your family group will get other benefits when they join Family Access. A new calendar will appear in the integrated Calendar application, the content of which will be quickly synchronized with all the devices in the family. uses shared calendar It’s very practical: you can assign housework and control the children’s schedule by making changes from anywhere in the world. In the Reminders application it will also be possible to create general alertsis enabled on all Family Access users’ devices.

The following feature will be highly appreciated by those who care about their loved ones (or suspect that they are cheating on them). Family Access Members can see where each member of the group is at any given time. You don’t need to download a new app to do it: just open Messages, search for the desired contact and click on their details. An icon with your avatar will appear on the city map -attention- without prior notice. This means that family members can spy on others without them knowing.

If you have something to hide, you can turn this feature off for your devices in iCloud settings. Yes Yes.

Geolocation fusion gives you the possibility to search for lost devices members Family access from any device in the group. In other words, you can run Find iPhone app on your mac to find your wife’s forgotten iPhone. You don’t need to know your Apple ID username or password to do this, as all devices will automatically appear on the world map.

Finally, Family Access allows you to see all the recent photos of family members in the integrated Photo app. Photos taken by any family member can be viewed in the Activity ribbon tab. As our readers have pointed out, the images themselves need to be added to the feed manually.

Family Access already works decently, on the rather unstable final version of iOS 8. From time to time, some users run into small glitches: for example, every time I restart my phone, I get a window “cannot upload file ».even if you haven’t downloaded any files. Cupertino is now very active in the fight against bugs The service has been very active at the moment and it will be fixed in the next update.

Family Access benefits are huge and incredibly useful for royal families who have nothing to hide. Shared purchases save money, shared photos unite hearts, a shared calendar makes running errands easier, and shared geolocation saves nerves. In short, there are more pros than cons.

Tell me how used family access In your case. Or why you didn’t intentionally include it. Thank you.

Family access in iOS 8. Advantages and disadvantages + instructions

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