Flexibits has not kept us waiting long. After announcing last week that the iPad version of Fantastical 2 was about to hit the App Store, he’s barely let a few days go by to deliver on his promise. Starting today we can download the iPad adaptation of one of the best tools for managing calendars available for both iOS and OS X.

This is probably one of its greatest advantages: having versions for different Apple devices. But it is not the main one. Other strengths of Fantastical is the use of the natural language to create events. It was one of the first calendar apps to do so, and probably one of the best at implementing this functionality. For example, we can say that you notify us on the first business day of each month, or every Thursday of a month, etc. It even allows you to enter information using voice commands, although this function is only compatible with iPads from the third generation.

The application has several views with which to see the events created in the way that best suits our needs. We can also create reminders and even associate places to receive notifications when arriving or leaving a certain location.

As in the iPhone version, Fantastical 2 has a extended keyboard with direct access to the most used characters when creating events (for example, the colon for the time or the forward slash for the date). We can also duplicate events, share them, view them on Facebook, etc.

As for timing. Fantastical allows access to iCloud and Google Calendar calendars.

Another point in Fantastical’s favor is that it allows the use of URL schemes to create events and reminders, as well as to display the logs for a given day. It also supports the x-callback-url protocol. With this, Fantastical for iPad can be called directly from Launch Center Pro, as Flexibits points out on their blog.

Fantastical 2 for iPad is available from the App Store (iTunes link) at the starting price of €8.99. It is currently on an introductory offer with a 33% discount on the final price.

It has taken time to arrive, but there is no doubt that it has done so through the front door. A magnificent application that, to put a hitch, should be attributed to the fact that it is not available as a universal app. That is, those who have the iPhone version will have to go through the box again. In any case, the outlay will be worth it for users who make heavy use of their calendar. Finally, note that the application is translated into Spanish and, of course, it understands the events that we create in our language.