Far Cry 5 Introductory Trailer.

Ubisoft today announced that gamers will experience all the chaos, unpredictability and ferocity of the Far Cry series with Far Cry 5 for the PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4, the Xbox One family of devices, including Project Scorpio, and Windows PC. The game, set for the first time in the United States of America, specifically in the state of Montana, will give players complete freedom to explore a game world as serene as it is twisted, fully playable in single player or cooperative modes for two players, in a constant fight for their freedom and survival, when the title is published on February 27, 2018. Development of Far Cry 5 is being directed from Ubisoft Montreal.

Assuming the role of a rookie cop in the fictional state of Hope County, Montana, players will soon discover that their arrival precipitates an uprising that has been quietly brewing for years by an apocalyptic sect of fanatics, The Gate of Eden. which leads to a violent riot in the county. Caught by surprise and immersed in a power struggle, players will do their best to disrupt the careful planning carried out by The Gate of Eden, and to encourage the flame of resistance to help the Hope County community regain their heritage. freedom, and their own.

Besieged and cut off from the rest of the world, players will join forces with the residents of Hope County to form the Resistance. Fighting the cult will take players to unique locations throughout Hope County that provide totally different play styles. During their adventure, players will be able to fly in airplanes and engage in aerial fights against the forces of the cult in Big Sky Country. While locating and killing members of the sect, as well as collecting resources to survive traveling through crops, forests, mountains and rivers, players can also get behind the wheel of the most popular American supercars, large trucks, ATVs and ships. The vehicles will also provide cover during animal attacks, or become the perfect quick getaway method when things don’t go as planned.

Far Cry 5 Introductory Trailer

To end the cult, players will need to use each and every weapon available, including medium-range weapons such as pistols and grenades, and melee weapons such as the mace or baseball bat. In addition, players will be able to recruit their own mercenaries, called “Weapons for Rent”, from a wide range of characters, or even use the so-called “Fangs for Rent”, specific animals such as bears or cougars that are very useful when it comes to complement players’ playstyles, regardless of whether they opt for stealth or brute force. Far Cry 5 will once again have the map editor, with which players will have the opportunity to create and play an infinite number of new scenarios. The map editor will include new features that will add a new dimension to the content created by followers. More information on this will be provided later.

In addition, PS4 users will be able to enjoy a free Far Cry 5 skin pack with the purchase of the game. Players will need a free Ubisoft account to obtain this, which can be obtained by visiting http://farcrygame.com/playstationULC; Xbox and PC players will enjoy the same content through the Ubisoft Club.

Far Cry 5 Introductory Trailer

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