With the recent presentation of Far Cry 6, Ubisoft is proving that it doesn’t want to slow down one of its star sagas today, as it recently tries to become an annual franchise. In addition, this sixth chapter will definitely dive into the next generation of consoles.

It was the climax of the Ubisoft Forward event, despite the previous leak that surprised the surprise enough. And while only two cutscenes and screenshots of the game have been shown in action, the French company has released enough information to give us an idea of what to expect when it launches in 2021.

Far Cry 6 story, setting and characters

Far Cry 6 will take us to the tropical island of Yara, inspired by Cuba. There, a military revolution takes place at the head of President Antón Castillo, played by the actor Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad). And with him is his son Diego.

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Anton has complete control over the city, for which he was chosen by popular vote to resume his glory years. And today, Yara looks like a city frozen in time, like it’s in the 60s.

In this sense, there is an important change for the saga, since this is the first time that we will move around a large urban map, no matter how many strictly tropical areas there are around it. Also, that Yara is so tall favors a incredible verticality for a Far Cry in terms of exploring the interiors of multi-storey buildings. And we’ll have to see if that improves the climb, even if it doesn’t look like there will be a Parkour to the Dying Light for the exterior, despite the fact that the latest versions have improved the on-board handles.

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Anyway, the whole city of Yara is under the reign of Anton. And the fact that he was victorious doesn’t mean that everyone is in favor of his ruthless way of being, but that as a politician he promised them an economic recovery and took advantage of good faith. of his audience, who can no longer retreat. You just have to see what he did with his son Diego, in the midst of a revolt, giving him a grenade to decide whether to drop it from a roof to those in down …

This idea of ​​paradise in Yara is most gruesome and it doesn’t seem like Antón will care what people think of him now, since he has a militia strong enough to think twice. And that’s where we’ll come in, in the role of Dani Rojas, an inhabitant of Yara who does not want to “rebuild” paradise with the blood of innocent people.

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Far Cry 6

This time, as Ubisoft has implemented in recent years, as we have seen in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and this will also happen in the future Valhalla, Dani Rojas may be a man (voiced by Sean Rey) or woman (voiced by Nisa Gunduz), although her gender does not count in the face of the revolution against Anton.

And what about the Far Cry 3 prequel rumors? There are some similarities with the small scar in Diego’s right eye and that of Vaas Montenegro, from Far Cry 3. The larger left eye would be missing, which could be seen in this Far Cry 6.

To this we should add some statements of Michael Mando (voice and face of Vaas) in a Reddit AMA last April, where he dropped the following:

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Vaas is my spirit animal. I will always be proud to have co-created it. They still recognize me for Vaas and I still see the love that character gave off when I met people on the street, which makes me very happy. Who knows… maybe I could reprise this role very soon? : P

It wouldn’t be that far-fetched to watch what happened with the shocking finale of Far Cry 5 and this direct sequel called Far Cry: New Dawn. Except that Vaas Montenegro is the best villain in the saga and there is a desire to know about his past.

Lots of action, very diverse tanks and allies

Far Cry 6

Aside from the theories, Far Cry 6 restera un Far Cry and Ubisoft could not have chosen a better location than such a tropical setting, because it is the most representative of this saga with more than 15 years of history. He will drink from what has been seen in the last installments with this strong surprise in the form of tanks of Antón’s army. And yes, you will also have helicopters armed to the teeth.

Our revolution will start from the bottom, in front find allies that they join the cause and that we have more guarantees of success. The most adorable (yes, adorable) that we can recruit will be called chorizo: a puppy in a wheelchair who, in Ubisoft Toronto’s words, “can literally kill with his beauty.” To know what they mean by that… What is clear is that it will again be a video game that mixes fun, humor and a pinch of terror.

Of course, there will be a good arsenal of weapons at our disposal, among which we wanted to highlight “El Tostador”, a homemade flamethrower that will be useful for burning enemies. It won’t be the only weapon to have a certain artisanal feel, despite the fact that we come across others, like an always effective assault rifle with a more professional look. The point is, there will be a lot of variety.

And what about transport or other allies? In one of the screenshots of the editions announced by Ubisoft, more than a dozen characters are glimpsed, not counting Chorizo ​​and a most colorful rooster, while in terms of transport, cars and even horses will not fail. prefer something more natural. And as for Antón, apart from tanks and helicopters, they also showed light aircraft, as in the aforementioned Far Cry 5. There will also be variety, yes.

On the other hand, a detail revealed by Ubisoft Spain a few days ago, has to do with the dubbing, where it will feature vocals in Latin for its Spanish version, a fact that will make the experience more reliable and realistic being in Cuba, basically. All texts, however, will be localized in Spanish.

Release date, editions, platforms and prices

Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 will be an intergenerational game, since its launch is scheduled for February 18, 2021 on current consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) and its successors (PS5 and Xbox Series X); no additional cost), apart from PC (Epic Games Store and Uplay) and Stadia.

Aside from this incentive at no additional cost on future consoles, for now only PC, PS4, and Xbox One editions can be reserved in a few stores, taking Ubisoft Store the exclusivity of its collector’s edition.

With a price of 199.99 euros, it includes all of the following:

  • Replica 72 cm of the toaster, with 7 parts to assemble
  • Assembly instruction sheet illustrated by artist Tobatron
  • Exclusive collector’s box based on its unmistakable style
  • Steelbook inspired by the game’s cast
  • 64-page picture book
  • Collection of 10 stickers illustrating the guerrilla movement
  • A Chorizo ​​keychain
  • Soundtrack with different cuts of his music
  • Yara World Map
  • Season pass
  • Pack ultime (Vice, Crocodile Hunter et Jungle Expedition)

Far Cry 6

Each pack included in the Ultimate bundle brings with it a specific costume, a weapon according to its universe (Skorpion submachine gun, 45/70 rifle, SBS) and a vehicle or accessory, such as the classic Warden Pinnacle of Vice or a Hunter 4 × 4.

Nothing is known about future expansions, but Far Cry 5 there was Hours of Darkness, Lost on Mars, and Living Dead Zombies, which were quite different in quality, but all three as spin off independent and crazy.

As for the rest of the editions, GAME retains the exclusivity (with Ubisoft Store) of the Edition ultime (with the homonymous pack and the season pass), for less than 120 euros, while the GOLD Edition (only with the season pass, without the Ultimate pack) can already be booked in chains like FNAC for 94.99 euros. As for the standard edition, it is 61.74 euros.

Far Cry 6 official videos to date

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