Far Cry: New Dawn – Preview.

Fans of post-apocalyptic worlds can indulge themselves in the coming months with Rage 2, Metro Exodus and Far Cry: New Dawn. In the latter title, Graddus not only fights against crazy twins, but especially against his deep-seated cynicism.

Recently I spoke to a friend about Ajax’s Champions League chances against Real Madrid. He kept grumbling about how this team “touches” 95, and the more enthusiastic he got, the more I felt compelled to moderate his euphoria. ‘Frenkie de Jong is not Litmanen, friend’, and ‘the difference in budget is just too big’. Basically it boiled down to the fact that everything used to be better …

Far Cry: New Dawn – Preview

Suddenly it dawned on me: I’ve become a cynical old dick!

A painful realization, and one of my good intentions for 2019 is therefore to be more open-minded in life again. Also when it comes to games. So instead of saying that Far Cry: New Dawn is a 40 euro reskin of part five with a forced feminist sauce, I enter this preview without prejudice. Wondering how long I can last …

Far Cry: New Dawn – Preview

A Kim Jong Unnetje

New Dawn kicks off 17 years after *SPOILERS* Joseph Seed pulls a Kim Jong-unnetje and the entire Hope County explodes with an atomic bomb barrage. In the intro, Carmina Rye (the child of crazy Nick Rye, jwt) tells how she was born on the day of the apocalypse, but was only allowed out of the shelter on her 6th birthday. So she knows no better than that the world is bred for wilds full of pink flowers. The remaining survivors made the most of it and together they created their own safe paradise.

However, as is the case with paradises, peace came to an end one day when the Highwaymen arrived, a group of villains led by the villainous twin sisters Mickey and Lou. They set everything on fire, emptied all the houses, and it looked like Hope County was lost for good. Fortunately, with the help of a group of rebels on a train (uhm, Metro Exodus anyone?), A settlement called Prosperity could be built to serve as a base for players.

Far Cry: New Dawn – Preview

I must say that the intro immediately manages to create a good atmosphere, although I had that with Far Cry 5 before the story was like a plum pudding in each other … Oh no, I wouldn’t be biased.

On the scant side

Prosperity is located at the very bottom left of the original Far Cry 5 map where Nick Rye’s airport used to be. I had hoped that New Dawn would contain the whole world from the base game, but after a ride on the bike it turns out that unfortunately it only concerns one third of that; the area occupied by John Seed. Of course, you do have the Expeditions that take place on separate, smaller maps, but as a game world I still find it on the sparse side.

Far Cry: New Dawn – Preview

That said, the Expeditions are a great addition. Three have been confirmed to date, with the first being set on a stranded aircraft carrier used by the Highwayman as a racing track. I need to find a suitcase with a GPS transmitter. One problem: as soon as I get the thing, the enemy notices it too and they come towards me in Horde fashion style. After a tough fight I manage to beat the suckers and a fat bag of loot is my share. Ha!

Unfortunately I couldn’t check the other two Expeditions, on a bridge in the Navajo desert and in an old amusement park, but the last one in particular sounds very cool. In any case, the Expeditions seem well suited to introduce some experimental (gameplay) elements, so don’t be surprised if we also see them in future Far Cry games.

Bear + keycard

The main currency in post-apocalyptic Hope County is ethanol. Not only do you fly to Expedition maps with this stuff, you can also upgrade Prosperity with it. From a garden for better med packs to a workshop for stronger weapons: you can fix it all with ethanol. You get it by completing missions and clearing outposts, which makes finishing the well-known gameplay loop of icons seem like the most important thing to you … Ho, no cynical prejudices!

Far Cry: New Dawn – Preview

The prepper stashes are back again and secretly I found these puzzle-like assignments to search for rare loot and perk magazines by far the best activity in Far Cry 5. For New Dawn these mini missions have also lost nothing of creativity: I have to at some point find a way to ring a church bell so that a bear comes who has swallowed a keycard. Ker-aaazy! New are the supply drops that are randomly thrown from a Highwayman plane and where you have to be like the chickens, because your enemies (who now have a health bar over their heads) also race for them and their goodies of course not without a fight. or give up punch.

Come on Ubi

The Hope County of New Dawn looks a bit more bare in terms of locations, although there are now X number of items in every spot. The location is only cleared when you have them all. Nice, but come on Ubi: just like your games weren’t bad enough for someone with OCD like me! In addition, Outposts now have more replay value, since you can and even have to replay with more difficult opposition if you want to unlock everything.

Of course New Dawn is also full of recruitable friends. You do an assignment for them and hey, they join you as a Gun for Hire. Unfortunately, these characters reveal one of Ubisoft’s major weaknesses: they cannot create interesting characters. They are all one-dimensional clichés that compensate for their lack of personality by putting on strange voices or shouting as loud as possible. Fortunately, you can still push through their weak bullshit, but it seems that Ubisoft really got stuck in the times of Vaas Montenegro and because of silliness no longer knows how to create funny, fascinating or just a little human characters.

Far Cry: New Dawn – Preview

Fast cash grab

Graphically New Dawn is a mixed bag. Sometimes you stand on a hill, you look over the endless sea of ​​green-pink vegetation while in the distance the smoke of an Outpost rises and you think ‘yes, New Dawn is really beautiful’. Then you’ll ride a quad bike through miles of bare, bland wasteland and long for old Hope County with its picturesque villages and dense coniferous forests.

What Far Cry still does like no other is serving up a dynamic sandbox in which all kinds of things happen. Enemies suddenly attacked by a bald eagle, herds of reindeer fleeing because I accidentally set their habitat on fire with a Molotov ___tail or a random trader by the side of the road getting a tick from my 4×4, creeping on the but in the end politely says ‘thank you’ when I revive it.

At the end of my play session, I even come across a mutated boar with radioactive pustules on its back. It’s those kinds of moments that hopefully make Far Cry: New Dawn more than a quick cash grab.

Far Cry: New Dawn – Preview


Yep, with a cynical look, Far Cry: New Dawn is refined DLC that colors snakes red instead of green. Still, I had a great time during my preview session, and the new Expeditions and the expansion of your base seem to shake things up just enough not to speak of a lazy cut and paste job. Yep, with a cynical look, Far Cry: New Dawn is refined DLC that colors snakes red instead of green. Still, I had a great time during my preview session, and the new Expeditions and the expansion of your base seem to shake things up just enough not to speak of a lazy cut and paste job.