The King of Fighters has arrived! For the first time ever, Terry Bogard, the legendary wolf from the FATAL FURY series, enters the fray as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the game systems from the Nintendo Switch-family. In a new video, Terry Bogard was attacked by none other than Masahiro Sakurai, director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and we got to see the fighting champion in action. In addition, the new King of Fighters stadium level and 50 music tracks from various SNK games were revealed. All of these Super Smash Bros. Ultimate content is available today and will be playable for players who own the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass or purchase that Challenger Pack 4 separately.

Now that Terry Bogard has joined the already huge collection of fighters, contains Super Smash Bros. Ultimate even more opportunities to experience epic battles. Terry has appeared in over 80 games over the past three decades. He made his debut in 1991, beating his opponents in the legendary SNK game FATAL FURY: KING OF FIGHTERS. With his well-known cap and bright white smile, Terry has become an icon within the fighting game community and mascot for SNK. For players who want to learn more about Terry Bogard’s background, there are several classic fighting games available from Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, including ACA NEOGEO REAL BOUT FATAL FURY SPECIAL, ACA NEOGEO THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’95 and ACA NEOGEO THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98.

Inseparable from the NEO GEO era, Terry has chosen to fuse his classic FATAL FURY fighting style with the signature playstyle of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This unique combination allows Terry to play differently from the other fighters in the game, giving players new options to take on their opponents. In addition to Terry making his entrance, Challenger Pack 4 also includes the new level King of Fighters stadium and a series of music tracks from various SNK games. In addition, there is a free update for it from today Super Smash Bros. Ultimate download, which includes private battle improvements.

Get it by purchasing the Fighters Pass Super Smash Bros. Ultimateplayers access to five Challenger Packs. Each pack contains a new playable fighter, a new level and various music tracks. Joker, the hero and Banjo & Kazooie are already playable, and from today Terry Bogard will join them. One more fighter will be added to the Fighters Pass in the future. This has not yet been announced. For more information, go on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Unpleasant https://www.smashbros.com/.

Terry Bogard from the FATAL FURY series joins the fray in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass.