Despite what its name may imply, Feedwhip is not a feed-based service, nor does it generate or work with feeds. Actually this service notifies you via email of the changes that a web page has, and it does not care if it has a feed or not. He does not care because what he does is capture a copy of the web from time to time and compare it with the previous copy, in search of

This service has slightly surprised me by the well-thought-out features it has, since it allows you, for example, to “freeze” a website, so that you do not receive more alerts for an indeterminate time, quite useful for when you go on a trip. You can customize the level of sensitivity with which they compare the webs, so that they do not warn you of the minute changes. Another very well thought out thing is the possibility of not sending you emails during a certain period of time, either because you are sleeping or because you are in the office. The only pity is that it is an email-based service, and right now, feeds are emerging as a very powerful alternative and with more possibilities, but for a page that does not distribute feeds, this service may be fine.

Link | Feedwhip

Feedwhip notifies you of changes to a page in your email