Electronic Arts officially announced FIFA 13 today and promises “the most comprehensive feature package in the history of the series.” Five of these innovations have already been presented.

Among other things, it promises “the most sophisticated artificial intelligence” ever seen in the FIFA series. With the new “Attacking Intelligence”, players should better analyze rooms, put pressure on the defense more intelligently and better anticipate movements. After that, their routes should also be adjusted so that they can use the available space. They will draw defenders into themselves, open up avenues for teammates, and position themselves for new attacking opportunities to arise.

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“Complete Dribbling” claims to have been inspired by Lionel Messi. Precise dribbling and 360 degree freedom of movement will allow you to deal with individual situations in a more creative and dangerous way. This should allow you to change direction faster, an explosive start with a bullet, or better bullet armor.

Overall, ball control shouldn’t be that easy to calculate anymore. Defensive pressure, ball trajectory and speed determined the successful acceptance of the ball, which also gives defenders more opportunities to reach the ball.

The player impact engine has been further improved with regards to the ballless tackle. Pushing and pulling gives players positional advantages, forces opponents with effort and weight to make mistakes, and should make decisions before the ball hits them.

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Another novelty: “tactical free kicks”, which should allow you dangerous and unpredictable free kicks. Up to three attackers can cluster around the ball, deceive the opponent or use long pass options. During this time, the opponent determines the number of players in the wall, can move them forward to reduce the distance or have a player sprint forward to block the free kick.

In addition, the objective is to improve the career mode according to the wishes of the fans, to expand the online offer – for example hand-to-hand: seasons – to give new functionalities to Football Club and to offer more 500 licensed clubs.

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“We continue to work on the world’s best sports game with innovations that capture the drama of real football,” said the executive producer. “These innovations will be clearly visible in the areas of artificial intelligence, dribbling, ball control and collisions. We have literally taken the “fight for the ball” and extended it to the whole pitch, even outside of the direct duel. He brings new things to the attack. Freedom and makes the game more creative. ”

EA plans to introduce new modes and additional features in the coming months. FIFA 13 will be released this fall for PS3 (with Move support), Xbox 360 (with Kinect support), Vita, Wii, PC, PlayStation 2, 3DS, PSP, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and other mobile platforms .

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