After the release of the first trailer for FIFA 21, Electronic Arts has added a lot of details about the game.

Let’s start with the gameplay, which is reviewed in several areas. EA promises more control and responsiveness in individual situations and new special moves, while “positioning personality” should make the big picture in the positional game more important.

“World class forwards pay attention to the last defender in their runs to avoid offside positions,” he said. “The playmakers create a space to take advantage of the gaps between games on the team. And the best defenders cover the passing routes even more effectively to make life difficult for the opponent. “

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Buzzwords are also called “creative races” for better movements of your teammates away from the ball, “even more natural interactions” between players or even the revision of “football basics”. The latter means, “Manual headers, more balanced blocks, smarter passing and increased responsiveness give you even more control on and off the ball. “

The developers are also working on the career mode. The “interactive game simulation” describes EA as a new way to experience the season. You can move up and down in games, for example, picking up key moments yourself such as penalties or free kicks.

With the help of the revised development system, you should be able to control player development in more detail and teach them new positions. And the “bitterness value” shows you the probability with which the players of the game perform their best. You can improve bitterness with the “active training system”, which allows you to create training groups.

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You also plan to train the team with the activity management system. You determine when they train and rest during the week, which affects bite, morale, and fitness. Also mentioned are “enhanced enemy AI”, improved transfer realism, and new base customization options.

In terms of Ultimate Team, new game variations await, in FUT co-op you play with a friend and fight for bonuses. There are also ‘many’ new and extended adjustment methods, more information to follow in August.

Apart from that, Volta Football is coming back and bringing the “Volta teams” variant. Here you can team up with up to three friends or join games spontaneously.

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“Expect new game speeds, clever team moves, and even more rewarding offensive and defensive individual situations in gameplay,” EA says, as you customize your male avatar or feminine.

With the “Featured Battles” mode, you can include big names from the football world and beyond in your teams. The game is played inside Sao Paulo, on the streets of Milan and in a high-tech dome in Duabi, among other things, five new playing fields.

And in terms of licensing, FIFA 21 has more than 17,000 players, more than 700 teams, more than 90 stadiums and more than 30 leagues. Licensed competitions include the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Bundesliga, Premier League and LaLiga Santander as well as Conmebol Libertadores and Conmebol Sudamericana.

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You can pre-order the game in Standard Edition ($ 69.99), Champions Edition ($ 89.99) and Ultimate Edition ($ 99.99) from the PlayStation Store for PS4.

Learn more about FIFA 21 here.

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