Like every year EA Sports he is faced with hordes of players demanding that the game improve from a soccer simulation point of view. In fact, many say that in the FIFA series, FIFA 21 included, would be the fateful “momentum”, which is an algorithm that could affect play during a match.

While EA Sports has always glossed over the presence or absence of this particular script, the company has now decided to respond once and for all to players who accuse the FIFA series of not being fair. In a lengthy Twitter thread, EA Sports wrote, “ As explained many times, there is no “script”, “momentum” or “handicap” in the game. Let’s try to clarify. We have built a football simulator by implementing several concepts. These include an error system and a physical system that brings authenticity to the game« .

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The study continues: “ When recreating the details of football, all the real results of the game are possible. Each year we try to reduce gameplay situations that seem hit and miss and out of the user’s control, continuing to see progress. From a gameplay design perspective, there is absolutely no need to implement any systems to artificially influence the outcome of the game, as all of the above already creates a football-like experience for our players. As explained in the past, the only time our game adjusts the CPU AI difficulty (offline only) is during the introductory boot game which tries to determine the offline difficulty level that you want. best suited.« .

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Obviously, this explanation was not well received by the players, who in response to the thread continue to post situations in which, despite more possession of the ball as well as shots on goal, often matches still end from 0 to 0, with peace of mind. players who keep taking sticks or bars.

We remind you that FIFA 21 will be available from October 6 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game will also arrive on the next generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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