Fifa 21 Nintendo Switch Controls

FIFA 21 for Nintendo Switch is a baseball title with complete freedom of movement. With this version of the game, players need to master the controls. If you want to improve your skills in FIFA 21, here are some tips and tricks to help you:

Joystick Skills

  • Acceleration and deceleration: This is done by moving the left stick in one direction. This technique will help you control the ball faster, and will allow you to better control the field of play.
  • Move in a straight line: You can do this by pushing the left stick forward. This will make your character walk forward without losing control of the ball.
  • Switch sides: Push the left stick left or right to switch sides. This will allow you to evade opposing players.
  • Perform a double pass: Hold down the left stick while moving it in one direction, then push the left stick again in the same direction. This will make your character walk faster.
  • Throw the ball: Move the left stick forward and press the jump button. This will make your character shoot the ball.
  • Plant the ball: To do this, hold the left stick forward and press the jump button. This will cause your character to plant the ball.
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Controls to Attack with the Joystick

  • Pass the ball: Move the left stick to the right and press the jump button. This will cause the player to pass through the ball.
  • Throw the ball fast: Press the fire button to quickly fire a quick shot that hits your target.
  • Throw the ball with power: Move the right stick in a direction and press the fire button to perform a power shot. This will make the ball fly higher and stronger.
  • Do a slalom on the court: Press the left stick and hold it while moving it in one direction. This will cause your character to do an evasive move, as if they were doing a slalom down the court.
  • Throw the ball directly to the goal: Hold the left stick forward and press the jump button. This will make your character shoot the ball at the goal without dropping it.
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Here are some of the best techniques for controlling and shooting with FIFA 21 on Nintendo Switch. If you want to improve your game, try to practice and try to employ these identified tricks. Practice, good luck, and enjoy the game!

Fifa 21 controls for Nintendo Switch

The controls on the Nintendo Switch console are a little different from those of other consoles, that’s why we bring a help guide to learn it well and develop as an expert in the game of Fifa 21. With these cheats, you will master the game without any problems.

advanced movements

For advanced moves, such as midfield moves to precisely control the ball, move the left stick up, down, and sideways.

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Simple movements and stops

To move your team quickly, hold the R button and follow the movement of the left stick. To stop the movements, make noise with the left stick in circles.

perform steps

If you need to make a pass, press the B button three quick times. This will make the player separate well from the ball and the ball will reach the destination comfortably.

tactical moves

Do you want to move your players to their appropriate position on the field? Press and hold the X, Y, and A buttons to make them move to a predictable place.

special skills

To perform special moves like feints, dashes, and spins, press the B button once and hold the space bar. This will cause your player to do a unique visual effect.

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additional controls

Here are some basic controls that you can use in your game of Fifa 21:

  • left stick: move player
  • R button: put pressure on the opponent
  • X button: pass the ball
  • Y button: shoot
  • button A: jump
  • B button: One touch to dunk
  • L button: run

We hope that with these keys you can enjoy using your game of Fifa 21 on your Nintendo Switch. Have fun!

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