Today we attended the premier Stadia Connect of the year, the online event in which the Stadia team unveils the novelties arriving on the platform, and this time they were not minor. And it is that Google, thanks to a collaboration with Electronic Arts, has managed to bring five titles to its video game streaming platform, among which ‘FIFA ‘,’ Madden NFL ‘et’ Jedi Fallen Order« .

But not only that, but the company also managed to get their hands on “PUBG” which stands for “Playerunkwons’s Battlegrounds”, one of the battle royale the most famous on the market alongside “Fortnite”, “Call of Duty: Warzone” and “Apex Legends”. ‘PUBG’, as title players know, is priced at $ 29.99, but when it does, Google gives it to Stadia Pro users. It is accessible from this link.

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Stadia expands its catalog

Unlike the games recently arrived on the platform, these titles are much better known and Grand public, “FIFA” is one of the ultimate football video games, and “Madden NFL” is the American counterpart of American football. In addition to these two, “Jedi Fallen Order” will also arrive, the latest installment in the “Star Wars” saga. Google did not give a precise date, he just mentioned that they will arrive in the fall.

As for ‘PUBG’, the game is already available in a classic edition at 29.99 euros. However, those who subscribe to Stadia Pro can be done with “Pioneer Edition” for free, which includes the base game, the “Survivor Pass: Cold Front” and a “Stadia Premiere Set” with exclusive cosmetic items. In fact, to keep in mind, “PUBG” has Cross game, so Stadia users can play with console and PC users.

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On the other hand, Google took the opportunity to launch ‘Be excited“At a price of 19.99 euros and to announce a new exclusivity”,Crayta“. In this title, which will arrive exclusively in summer, users will be able to create different games within it to share with other users, as if it were a level editor.

Finally, Google released the free games for the month of may, which will be “Zombie Army 4”, “SteamWorld Heist” and “The Turing Test”. Stadia Pro users can claim them on May 1. Likewise, we learned about the first title to come out of the Google platform: it will be “Thumper” and it will do so at the end of April. Those who want try Google Stadia They can do it for free by registering on this link.

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Source: Engadget