Final Fantasy 7 Remake takes off with the E3 awards, EA Access is coming to PlayStation 4 on July 24, and Bandai Namco is releasing a new action RPG for PC. That and more in this summer weekend watch!

It’s a very hot day. Whether you’re swimming or looking for shade, maybe even playing Super Mario Maker 2: grab a nice cooling Weekend Watch!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the show’s game at E3

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the big winner of E3. Every E3, a selection of media come together right beforehand to play games that are present at E3. This only concerns games that are playable. The winners are now announced and FF7Remake has been named the game of the show. The game has also been voted the best console game and best RPG.

Doom Eternal was also awarded a few times. Games like The Outer Worlds, Crash Team Racing, EFootball PES 2020 (the name still takes some getting used to …) and Luigi’s mansion 3 also won prizes. Below you can see all winners.

Best of Show
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Best Original Game
The Outer Worlds

Best Console Game
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Best VR / AR Game
Phantom: Covert Ops

Best PC Game
Doom Eternal

Best Hardware / Peripheral
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Best Action Game
Doom Eternal

Best Action / Adventure
Watch Dogs: Legion

Best RPG
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Best Racing Game
Crash Team Racing

Best Sports Game
EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020

Best Strategy Game
John Wick Hex

Best Family / Social Game
Luigi’s Mansion 3

Best Online Multiplayer
Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Best Independent Game
12 Minutes

Best Ongoing Game
Destiny 2

Special Commendations for Graphics
Cyberpunk 2077

The Franco brothers’ production company films Masters of Doom

Masters of Doom is a super cool book about the origin of id Software and the development of Doom. It explains how John Carmack and John Romero made history in the game industry. This book is now going to be made into a series.

The series is made by Ramona Films, the studio of James and Dave Franco, who of course we know from various films. The pilot has already been written by Tom Bissell.

More information is unfortunately not yet available, so it remains to be seen who will play in it, when the series will be released and where it can be seen.

EA Access available on PlayStation 4 on July 24

We heard before that EA Access is finally coming to PlayStation 4, and now it’s also known when: on July 24th. At the launch, all games in the EA Access vault on Xbox One will also be available on PS4, if you have a subscription. The trials of games (a kind of gigantic demos with which you can play ten hours of new games) will also be available, as will various discounts on EA games.

A subscription costs 3.99 euros per month or 24.99 euros per year. By the way, a subscription cannot be shared on a PS4 and Xbox One – you need separate subscriptions for this. Here you can see all the games in the vault.

My Friend Pedro was sold 250,000 times in the first week

Good news for Devolver Digital: their new indie game My Friend Pedro has been out for a week now and has already sold 250,000 times. The game is only available on PC and Switch, so that’s extra impressive. To celebrate a quarter of a million copies sold, the company released a behind the scenes video featuring developer DeadToast Entertainment.

Bandai Namco comes with action RPG Blue Protocol for PC

Bandai Namco Online and Bandai Namco Studios are working on a new action RPG called Blue Crotocol. Developers from both studios work together under the name Project Sky Blue. The game is in the works for PC, although no release date has been announced yet. Below is the first – and so far only – screenshot.

In Blue Protocol, the world is on the brink of destruction. Friends or aliens must work together and defeat enemies, travel through space and time and determine the future. The game is being developed with Unreal Engine 4. Unfortunately there are not much more details yet.

What Remains of Edith Finch is coming to Switch next week

Starting July 4, Switch players can enjoy the adventure game What Remains of Edith Finch. The game has previously been released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and is from Giant Sparrow, the developer of The Unfinished Swam. Action fans should look further, but people interested in an emotional story with a beautiful setting will feel right at home here.

The game revolves around a cursed family, of which you as a player experience the last moments. Edith Finch researches her family’s history to find out why only she is still alive. As far as is known, only a version for the eShop is planned.

Square Enix is ​​working on new Dragon Quest game

Dragon Quest 11 has been out for a while for PlayStation 4 (and 3DS in Japan) and will also be out on Switch on September 27. It’s no surprise, then, that Square Enix has started work on a successor. Although a new vacancy does not show that it is about Dragon Quest 12, that seems the logical conclusion. After all, Yuji Horii, who is always involved in mainline Dragon Quest games, is also back.

The vacancy is looking for people who can work on facial animations and fights. It is also reported that the concept phase of the game is now over and the real development is starting.

New game makers Deadlight and Rime may release on multiple systems

When the Google Stadia games line-up was revealed, one of the most interesting looking games was Gylt, the new game from Tequila Works – the makers of Deadlight and Rime. The game was announced as a Stadia exclusive, but this may not seem to be the case after all.

Raúl Rubio Munárriz, the game’s creative director: “Okay, we haven’t confirmed it’s an exclusive game yet. That is a question we cannot answer. We want to make Gylt accessible to everyone. It’s a business matter. I can’t answer that today, but don’t worry, anyone can play the game. ‘

Okay, he can’t answer, but he does claim that anyone can play the game. So it seems that Gylt is coming to several systems, although we still have to wait until we really get confirmation.

New Patch Days Gone adds weekly challenges

Yesterday, patch 1.21 was released for the open world game Days Gone. Not only does the patch fix some bugs, it also adds weekly challenges to the game. By clearing these challenges, players receive credits to purchase new characters and accents for their bike.

A new challenge is added every Friday. The first challenge available now is called Surrounded, in which players must compete against an endless Horde of Freakers. Players must try to survive as long as possible. You get more time by killing Freakers.