Lost friends is one of the first side quests Remake de Final Fantasy 7. You will meet the extra mission in Chapter 3 where you will have to find three cats in the slums of Sector 7 at some point.

When you’ve completed these and five more quests, you can choose one of Tifa’s dresses and you’re even close to reaching the Dressed to the Nines trophy.

How to start the Lost Friends side quest in Final Fantasy 7

In Chapter 3, you first arrive in the slums of Sector 7. There are a number of characters who will help Cloud refresh his image as a mercenary.

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It is part of the main story of the game. So it is impossible to miss it. Much like your first Battle Intel report, additional missions will automatically come your way.

These are relatively easy tasks that live up to your reputation as a mercenary. One of the side quests, Lost Friends, involves finding runaway cats.

Head south of the slums and talk to little girl Betty. The quest begins.

When the mission begins, you can talk to Betty several more times. This will give you clues where the cats are hidden, but on this page we make it easy for you.

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Where to find all the cat locations in the Lost Friends side quest

There are a total of three locations in Lost Friends where you can find runaway cats.

Cat on the way to the station

When you talk to Betty, one of the clues is that one of the cats can be found on the road near the station.

You will find this path a little east of Seventh Heaven. Walk this way and you will see the cat on your left.

Tap the triangle to interact with the cat. He then runs away and you may come across the first on your list.

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Cat near the seventh heaven

Another clue from Betty is that cats like to go places where you can find snacks. In other words: the seventh heaven.

The bar is where you meet Tifa earlier in the chapter and also serves as a secret Avalanche gathering place. You can find Seventh Heaven north of the Slums.

When you are in the area, Tifa alerts you that there is a cat nearby. Go up the steps to the front of the bar. You see the beast all by itself.

Tap the triangle. The cat runs away on its own.

Cat near Beginner’s Hall

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The third clue that Betty gives you after starting the mission will take you to the beginner’s room.

This is in front of the apartments where Tifa and you spend the night. It’s a path past a few houses. Go ahead and you will automatically see someone busy with the chat.

She says she is trying to attract the cat, but cannot get to the virus. Crawl through the rubble to reach an enclosed space that is not too large.

Interact with the white cat, which then puts it to flight. If this is the last of the three cats, you’ve completed the search and can return to Betty via a quick trip.

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Talk to Betty again. After a shortcut scene, the quest ends.

It’s worth doing all of the Chapter 3 side quests before heading back to Seventh Heaven and picking up the main storyline again. You shouldn’t, but as mentioned before, you can influence Tifa’s clothing options later in the game.

Source: IGN