Final Fantasy I, II and III are reborn on July 28.

SQUARE-ENIX® has announced today that FINAL FANTASY I, II and III will arrive on Steam® and mobile devices on July 28. The pixelated remaster of the series combines the magic of the original games with general system improvements while retaining the retro design of these masterpieces. It will be possible to enjoy all these novelties:

  • 2D pixel redrawn character and background graphics, including the iconic FINAL FANTASY characters designed by Kazuko Shibuya, the original artist and current contributor.
  • Renewed soundtracks under the supervision of original composer Nobuo Uematsu.
  • Improved gameplay including touch controls, modernized interface, auto combat options and much more.
  • Delve into the game world with the bonus content of the Bestiary, Gallery and Music Player, plus the ability to save your game at any time.

About the game

Looking back over the long history of this celebrated series, Hironobu Sakaguchi, the father of FINAL FANTASY, says, “While working on the originals, I never thought that the FINAL FANTASY series would be remastered almost 35 years later. Back then, the video game industry was still in its infancy. There was no one else leading the way, so we had to keep moving forward, ahead of the curve. I remember that we were testing and discarding many things.

I am very happy to see how FINAL FANTASY has endured so long.” Yoshinori Kitase, FINAL FANTASY Brand Manager and FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Producer, adds: “Every time a new FINAL FANTASY title comes out, I think there are people who want to go back to the origins of the series. This project came about because we wanted fans and new players to have easy access to the original classics with consistent graphics and a unified interface.”

Final Fantasy I, II and III are reborn on July 28

Also, regarding the famous soundtrack of the FINAL FANTASY series, composer Nobuo Uematsu confirms: “This time we have renewed all the musical themes. My initial idea was to stay true to the originals, but obviously we couldn’t leave the three-channel sound as it was, so we’ve fleshed out the songs in full. I have made sure to preserve the original essence, so that each song can be heard separately, for the enjoyment of the fans.

Those who pre-purchase the titles on Steam® will receive two exclusive wallpapers, three songs and a 20% discount with each game. It is also possible to pre-purchase the bundle of all six games, “FINAL FANTASY”, at a higher discount.

Final Fantasy I, II and III are reborn on July 28

Learn more about the bundle on Steam.

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Final Fantasy I, II and III are reborn on July 28