Scorpion sentry

Sentinel Scorpio is your first serious test when completing Final Fantasy 7 Remake. As Cloud has said from the start, lightning magic will be more effective in combat. Lucky for you, there’s a lightning bolt in Barrett’s hand, so get changed and start using it ASAP. As a precaution, apply a coat of steel over Barrett to provide all the necessary protection. As Cloud, use Executioner’s attack mode and fire spells, allowing you to rack up damage and complete the boss’s Stagger ladder. But don’t get carried away. If you stay close to him, he will hit you with his tail or attack you by jumping. When I fix your laser beam on you, get ready to block the missiles. You can try to dodge,

Do enough damage for Scorpion Guard to activate a barrier to block any incoming attack. Go around it from behind and attack the vulnerable spot of the generator under the tail. Use Barrett’s Focused Fire ability to deal massive damage. The cloud can continue to cast fire spells. When knocking down the barrier, stay clear while the Guardian activates an attack in the area. Once through the barrier, start attacking the enemy with lightning spells from Barrett and Cloud’s executioner. When the sentry jumps to the wall, go over to Barrett and use Overload to knock him down. If you stun the boss, be sure to spend some ATB to use Cloud Braver and Barrett’s concentrated fire.

Guardian scorpion.

Once it does enough damage, the Sentinel will launch numerous missiles that will throw debris around the reactor. Then you will use the laser on the tail; hide behind debris to avoid damage. It will be a devastating attack! Keep using spells.

During this last part of the battle, Scorpion will use a variety of attacks including circular EM fire, rocket shower, hand laser, and machine gun. Dodge or block incoming attacks, stay clear until the sentry is opened after launching a missile salute. Then hit him and step back to hide from the laser on the tail. Use as many of Barrett’s ranged attacks as magic, so that you can stay out of range of defeat for various Scorpion abilities.

Hunter (mini-boss)

You will fight the hunter at the end of the second chapter. Shinra’s soldiers will accompany him. Think of it as the same Rebel (Riot Trooper), but with improved attacks, defense, and grenades. Before tackling it, focus on common enemies first, including a rebel and various security guards. First, mess up the officers on the ground, then focus on the rebels, who can quickly destroy themselves with fire spells or in punitive mode.

When the hunter is left alone, get away from him as he is capable of dealing serious damage and instantly counterattacking you if your sword hits his shield. Beware of his fierce shield attack as he rushes towards Cloud and tries to knock him down. It is difficult to dodge, so try to avoid it. Otherwise, it’s not that dangerous, so use Punitive Mode to deal damage in instant counterattacks. Once your ATB is charged, attack with fire spells to defeat the defense. For this reason, you will fall to your knees. Quickly shorten the distance and tear it apart using new punitive attacks. Repeat the process several times until you destroy the enemy.

Roche (motorcycle racing)

At the end of his motorcycle trip in Chapter Four, he will meet Rosh. This adrenaline pumped maniac will cause a lot of pain. First, use protection and dodge the sword. You can avoid most attacks by swerving from right to left. When the enemy is not near, use L1 + “triangle” to attack the enemy from a distance.

When Roche enters the tunnel, it means that it will start to send vertical rays. Don’t think about the attack. Rather, watch their attacks and avoid them in a timely manner. If you can charge a ranged attack, use it. However, the main thing is protection!

Roche will eventually jump from the side of the tunnel and be right in front of you, so try to move side to side to dodge attacks. It should be done the moment you see it moving. Usually after that it will stay close for a while, so take advantage of the moment for your own attack. Be consistent in avoiding and causing harm.

Roche (Shinra warehouse)

This second encounter with Roche is more likely to be a sword duel, and here you’ll have to trust your defense. By blocking Roche’s attacks, you can defeat an enemy and make them vulnerable for a few seconds. Attack him by doing combination punches. The more you hit or block it, the easier it will be to interrupt your movement.


Roche will start the battle with a long series of attacks. Be patient and stop before you finish your combo. If he starts attacking, dodge the side before he can perform the last spin attack. Sometimes he uses matter spells, so keep an eye out for him and dodge as soon as he notices the corresponding animation (he’s planning an attack). Stand on guard and use the punitive mode counterattack, a great tool that can oppose your speed without prejudice to your attacking actions. Think of the battle as a real sword duel. This means you have to block and resist his attacks, wait for him to be exhausted or discarded, then do your combo (when he recovers protection from the hero). He’s also vulnerable to fire, so use the appropriate spells.

Do enough damage and the second phase will finally begin. Roche will be much more aggressive and agile, learning to dodge most attacks quickly and attempting to stun him with powerful throws. However, Roche is still vulnerable because you can block his attacks as well. Hang on to the guard gate in punitive mode and keep attacking the boss. Dodge when you see that you are about to cast a spell. Also, until the enemy is stunned, avoid using ATB abilities. Repeat until you win.

Crab Keeper

There are many targets in the Crab’s body, and to face them once and for all, you will have to destroy each of its legs. The enemy is weak against lightning magic, so before joining the battle, collect the appropriate materials. The more you have, the better. Give Barrett a chance to step away from combat and support the melee with his spells.

As soon as the battle begins, the crab electrifies the train tracks, so make sure you don’t step on them. It will repeat this action from time to time, so be careful with the monster and avoid getting on the rails. Once the electricity is gone, let Cloud and Typhus attack the monster’s legs in melee. At the same time, do not forget about the character who received the lightning matter, so that he strengthens your melee fighters, giving magic to the attacks. Attack the legs from the side and back, as most of the weapons are in the front. Beware of EMP attacks in the area. It can cause a lot of damage, so stay away. Repeat the attack and defense cycle until you break the leg to defeat the crab. Use this moment to deal ATB damage to a monster.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How To Beat All Bosses

Guardian crab.

Guardian Crab will start using new attacks. This will happen when you take more and more damage. Finally, two rocket launchers will appear on the side. It’s hard to dodge their projectiles, so be prepared to defend yourself and reduce the damage. Keep attacking with lightning. Missiles are a serious threat, so it’s important to focus on destroying them. This will cause the crab to expose its generator. Unleash everything you can on him to quickly kill the boss.


Airbuster is a unique boss as the decisions you make with the Fifth Reactor will affect the complexity of the battle. You can find up to 6 key cards while exploring the Reactor Lab. Each of these key cards can be used to remove one of the monster’s weapons. Eliminating AI cores will reduce the boss’s movement speed, eliminating their ability to launch dazzling attacks. Getting rid of Big Bomber shells will deprive the boss of the ability to use large ones, causing significant damage to explosives. By removing M units, you will get random items that can be used before battle. On the other hand, it will not reduce the effectiveness of the boss himself. Decide what to remove from the boss based on your playstyle. In my case,

If you have basic material, now is a good time to apply it. Choose lightning gear for Barrett so he can fire charged bullets that increase damage and quickly increase the boss’s scaling scale.

The battle itself will begin with Cloud’s separation from Barrett and Typhus. There will be a boss in front of him. Select a protective grid to block all incoming shots and lasers. Avoid the mines that you will scatter periodically. Close the gap and attack melee, but be aware that the boss will use static electricity to take you down. In other words, you don’t have to stay close to the enemy for a long time. Instead, use magic spells. The boss is vulnerable to lightning, as is the Guardian Crab. Attack the enemy with enough lightning to stun for a few seconds, then get close and attack with ATB skills.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How To Beat All Bosses


If Cloud takes too much damage, you can use Barrett’s Savior skill. After a while, Airbuster will face Barrett and Typhoid. As Cloud, you can approach him to deal damage. However, avoid the fighters who will attack you periodically.

When the second phase arrives, you will have to face the powerful laser of the boss. Dodging an attack is easy. But this is important, otherwise you will get serious damage. From now on, the boss will shoot laser beams. When this happens, stop everything and run.

You can now get up close to the boss and hit up close, continuing to use as many spells as possible. After a short while, the boss’s hands will split, an electric arc will appear between them. When that happens, focus fire on one to destroy it as soon as possible. You can use ranged attacks and Barrett’s magic. The hands will move to another platform and soon try to hit you. Stay away from them.

At this point, you should be able to use the call. Once you’ve done enough damage to the hands, it removes it from the main body. Give it as much magic as possible, then use the rest of the possibilities.

When Airbuster’s health margin drops below half, it freezes to the side of the platform, leaving you out of your melee attacks. Switch to Barrett and fire his weapons while continuing to use as much lightning magic as possible. When the boss returns, approach him again with melee fighters and attack with all the tricks.

Be careful and watch the movements of the Airbuster. You can lift one of your fists to smash the ground all at once. Use machine guns or use flamethrowers. When you see he’s planning one of those attacks, just dodge the side. While spinning, it will also fire its powerful laser, covering a large area. So when you see that, get ready to run.

Keep attacking the boss, his health will gradually decrease. Towards the end of the battle, additional attacks may appear. For example, you can shoot a big grenade at one of your heroes. However, at this point everything will be pretty much decided.


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