The co-director of the delivery, Naoki Hamaguchi, along with his product, Yoshinori Kitase, have commented in an interview with CEDEC about the approach of both when creating Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2.

The developers about the new installment, sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake and still no official name, have spoken in an interview to The Computer Entertainment on the narrative bases of it. In addition, they have also dropped on the other hand that, from here on, it is very likely that there will be more deviations from Final Fantasy VII.

During the interview, translated by aitaikimoch via Twitter, Kitase highlighted the importance of subverting the expectations of the players satisfactorily. His goal was to fool these, but positively, possibly with elements that were not in the original game, but that now they are very well received.

First, they both talked about how the project started, revealing that Shinji Hashimoto, Brand Manager and Producer, proposed it. He told Kitase who always wanted a CGI game Like Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Hamaguchi then organized teams between developers, management and other members, although he comments that some third-party companies created materials for the game, which he supervised himself even though he joined mid-project.

Hamaguchi himself emphasized that Final Fantasy VII Remake will revolve around the story, that the game didn’t need an open world as long as the story was strong. Regarding that, he said that the director, Tetsuya Nomura, was very forceful about the representation of the characters and the dubbing and when creating it, Kitase stressed the importance of this successful subversion. Considering that the Remake did not follow the exact structure of the original game, Kitase’s goal was to positively fool everyone.

Regarding the sequel development, Hamaguchi commented that there was an interesting change in the internal team, since although whoever worked on the remake were fans of the original, the sequel team enjoyed the remake and wanted to be a specific part of it. Hamaguchi himself stated that his goal in this sequel is to let players experience the world and their senses outside of Midgar, Kitase said the new installment will also surprise players in a subversive way.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is still available only for PS4 and his Part 2 goes on, with his actors and actresses already working on motion capture.

Source: Siliconera