Cloud meets Aeris and the scene is a perfect replica, including dialogue options, of what happens in the original game, but with a little detail: it gives us a flower and, upon reception, a confused Cloud decides to set him aside in front of the costume, where his armor and the ribbon holding his sword collide. She spends the rest of this level fighting like that, with the flower on her chest, and that makes me smile like a fool for a long time. Almost ten minutes secretly covering my mouth with my hand in a dark room filled with many people sitting in front of other TVs, also confronting their own memories with the new versions of them that Final Fantasy 7 remake offers us. How strange, how strange and how beautiful to live this moment.

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Like he knows we’re going to be so sentimental or, more likely, to figure out that the only way to transfer this game to the present is to completely reshape a story that has a lot of heart but doesn’t translate it too well into form. The main focus of the Final Fantasy VII remake is its story. This means the cutscenes are longer, the dialogue is written better, the characters pose their personalities and conflicts better from the first moment, and we have tons and tons of dialogue between them, in combat and out of combat, that allow us to know better. The small details, as the fitted materials glow in different colors on Cloud’s sword when he carries it on his back, when the scenes are pointed out, tell us more about his world and universe than thousands. and thousands of words. And while it’s true that there are other new scenes that didn’t appear in the original – “Nomura’s pot is kinda gone,” a companion muttered – the additions are placed tactfully and with care. the only reason to add conflict to adapt the plot to the episodic format of this new episode.

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With the reinterpretation of history, less constraints on time and resources, and the making of a medium that has grown significantly since 1997, discovering the streets of Midgar and meeting members of Avalancha is an absolute marvel; it is also to do it in correct and understandable Castilian, although we are sorry to say goodbye to the accidental glare of the original translation. So there is only one uncertainty left: the fight.

During the three hours and two different phases (the first and second reactor, plus a few sections inside Midgar) that we played, we really got to see how the adaptation of the famous Active Time Battle system works on the move. towards a more contemporary version, closer to the action mechanics that the Final Fantasy saga has been using for a few episodes. The new fight seems to take as a benchmark the one we saw in Final Fantasy XV before, but resolves many of its flaws, such as imprecision or saturation of visual information.

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The tested part of the game left us with doubts about the level design. The first reactor – the section already shown in the last E3 – had a very nice design, easy to understand, and although it was a much longer reinterpretation of a section that only lasts fifteen minutes in the original, she was not fastidious with her parts. The Second Reactor, however, was a much longer playable section, and the variety of scenarios and tasks to perform was much less. We would climb stairs, we would reach a room full of enemies, we would solve a simple puzzle, we would go out into a new hallway… And so an infinite number of times until we reached the actual end of the phase. It’s true that none of the individual elements that made up the scene were inherently wrong, but experiencing them over and over again made us wonder if we really needed to expand this storyline that much. To date, in fact, the main reasonable uncertainty regarding this Final Fantasy 7 remake is that the game is longer than necessary. Due to the desire to delete multiple parts, last for several hours, and keep the title alive for years, areas or parts have been added that either take us around or end up getting tedious.

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Even with that, what can we say. There was a time when there were a lot of doubts, but now it is hard not to be seduced by certainties. All of the images and demos we tested make it clear that Final Fantasy VII Remake will, on its own, be a fair success to the mammoth and historic game it is based on. All the versions of the game that we have tried are characterized precisely by the love and care with which they treat the legacy of this title. Something very strange should be changed at the last minute so that the parts we left to see don’t measure up and have resulted in an experience that, while not necessarily perfect, is sure to be the one that makes justice to our memories. . .

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