In Final Fantasy VII Remake there are many things you can do after beating the game, like battles in the Shinra Simulator or finishing the game on Hard, and all of them are easier if you reach level 50 before. practical method of gaining experience to level up characters and Materia, which I will explain below.

After finishing the game, go to chapter selection and choose chapter 9. Progress in it until you reach the part immediately after the obligatory fights in the Coliseum, located in the Walled Market.

For this method, which will get you to 50 in no time, use Aerith and have two Spell Materia equipped to increase your damage, the Extension Materia linked to Fire Materia to deal fire damage to opponents with a single attack, and the First Attack Materia so that you start the fight with a full BTA bar.

With them equipped, choose the Community Bandits fight (on Easy, to be faster) and have Aerith as your leader. The reason for this is that she is the best with spells and will do more damage. As soon as the fight starts, use Fire magic. As the enemies you are facing are weak against fire, the chance of them dying immediately is very high.

When you get to fights against Hunter, this guy with a shield, use Fire++, because that way he won’t be able to survive even defending himself, as long as you’re fighting on Easy.

Repeat this process until you reach level 50, which will be pretty quick using Aerith and these Materia. You can also equip EXP Materia and AP Materia to get more experience on characters and AP on the Materia it’s attached to. Don’t worry about Barret and Tifa as they also gain experience and level up despite not fighting.

You can farm in this place before finishing the game, but I don’t think this is a good idea, because after you finish, the gain in experience and AP is considerably higher. You don’t need to be level 50 to complete the game. Leave that only for content released after the game is cleared.

Location of Stories for this strategy:

Fire Matter – Factory floor in Chapter 3, during the Factory Trouble quest, near a door with yellow tape.

Magic Materia #1 – Chapter 7, in the room that needs to be opened with Cloud, Tifa and Barret pulling three levers at the same time.

Magic Matter #2 – Chapter 14. Defeat Jay in the pull-up bar challenge at the gym with Tifa.

First Strike Matter – Chapter 8. Purchased from Chadley after completing Challenge #3.

Extension Matter – Found in Chapter 9 during the third mechanical arm minigame.

Pedometer Matter – Chapter 14 after leaving Aerith’s house and watching the cutscene. Turns into AP Materia after you walk 5000 steps with it equipped.

EXP Matter – Chapter 16 after beating one of the Shinra Combat Simulator challenges.