Final Fantasy XV Chronicles of a Kingless Kingdom The video game, which was formally launched in 2017, has given more than one a magical surprise. The version of this material to entertain children and adults presents his idea of ​​a fight among the characters to make sense of the kingdom and above all, find a person who assumes the leadership of the empire so that it is easier to give the place a direction.

With more challenging missions and obstacles befitting the position to be filled, players have to come up with their wildest ideas and meet objectives to become aspiring kings. Of course, errors are not allowed in the game because all the progress that has been made at some point could be lost.

Chronicles of a kingdom without a king may distress you at some point, but you will not cease to be surprised by this great installment that brings with it hundreds of adventures. You will also have the advice of the great fighters of previous battles.

What is Final Fantasy XV Chronicles of a Kingless Kingdom about?

Let’s remember that Noctis is the prince of the main story, which gives us an indication that at the time of this version, he is busy fulfilling missions or was kidnapped by someone. For this we must prove what the game is about safely and faithfully comply with what is to be achieved.

Somehow or another, we will meet Noctis to talk about completing the missions at the time in which the objective ends. However, if we don’t manage to overcome the obstacles it would be almost impossible for the conversation to ever take place.

Noctis returns to the enthroned

When you get past the chapter where you fight your way to the throne, it’s important to move on to the other episodes. In this sense, you will be able to glimpse how Noctis take a new position and your decisions will have to be based around what he wants or wants.

Meanwhile, his teammates will be dressed in future clothes (as if a few years have passed), this will give you some insight into what might be happening with the future of the game.

Objective of the chapter “chronicles of a kingdom without a king”

What this episode wants to achieve is that help Noctis reach his kingdom or destination furrowing the obstacles that the path may present. This without you losing the points you managed to obtain in previous confrontations.

Final Fantasy XV Chronicles of a Kingless Kingdom Obstacles

It is important to remember that as in all episodes, there is a point against which can lead to the immediate loss of the game. In this case you only have to fight against:

  • Walls that you cannot break down due to lack of weapons in the game
  • Ferrogants accompanied by other creatures
  • Goblins who are weakened by fire and weapons
  • Wandering Imperial whose weakness is battles

Therefore, you have to be prepared for everything that comes in the way of the mythological fight.