Finishing Xenoblade Chronicles X could take 300 hours.

Tetsuya takahashi is the head of the development of Xenoblade Chronicles X. Thanks to the last interview published in Famitsu we have been able to know some details that have left us with our mouths open. The most remarkable thing is that completing the game could take us about 300 hours.

One of the reasons for this crazy length would be the enormous scale of the world they have created. In total they will be 400 square kilometers of extension. About five times what was seen in the Xenoblade Chronicles Wii, which is said soon. Side missions and hunting missions will also help increase the hours of play. There will be a total of 8 factions which we can unite to fulfill certain missions. Luckily, we can change faction at will. Interested? Anything to get 100%. At the moment we know the first details about these factions:

Path finders : Union for pioneers. They are responsible for establishing the data for the probes and for expanding the Frontier Network.

Finishing Xenoblade Chronicles X could take 300 hours

Interceptor: Responsible for the suppression of indigenous life forms. Formed by teams of guards who are responsible for the investigation and rescue of citizens.

Avalanche: They are in charge of protecting us against snow avalanches, in addition to eliminating dangerous creatures.

Finishing Xenoblade Chronicles X could take 300 hours

Will: They look for and collect the remains of the White Whale. Items abandoned on battlefields are also collected.

Colepedian: They move to the different corners of Mira with the sole objective of successfully carrying out their investigation and collecting useful materials.

Finishing Xenoblade Chronicles X could take 300 hours

Sand bank: They are in charge of looking for necessary resources to conserve life in Mira. Another of its fundamental tasks is to collect minerals.

Weapons: They help the Arms Company to develop weapons such as “dolls”.

Finishing Xenoblade Chronicles X could take 300 hours

CompanionsThey help the civilians of New Los Angeles and are tasked with tasks ranging from resolving disputes to finding lost cats.

Character customization will play an important role throughout the game. The combat system will be similar to that of Xenoblade Chronicles but it will be more focused on action. We will control a single character and the rest will be controlled by the Game AI. To make it a little more complicated, there will be no role as a healer. As for the soundtrack, he has assured that there is a total of 90 songs where the vocal themes will have more importance. We remind you that Sawano is synonymous with maximum epicity.