The fight of the wyrm god continues: April 5th sees the release of the fourth and final download pack of the Expansion Pass Fire Emblem Engage. As revealed in the new Demon World trailer on Nintendo’s YouTube channel, this opens up a distorted version of the continent of Elyos for players to explore.

The adventure of the additional content Demon World begins when Alear hears a mysterious voice in the somniel asking for help. In this way, the players are lured into the demonic parallel world, which they travel together with the twin dragons Nel and Nil to collect seven emblem bracelets.

Fire Emblem Engage: The Final Expansion Pass Pack releases April 5th

Players can dive into the new storyline once they complete Chapter 6 of the main game and have the ability to transmute items using the Ancient Well in the Somniel. After completing the additional adventure in the Demon World, they will gain access to the new Enchanter and Magic Gunner classes, a variety of useful items, and new allies to help them in the fight for Elyos.

About Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage, an ancient legend comes to life: Every 1000 years, legendary heroes, the so-called Emblems, bestow incredible power on the bearer of the twelve Emblem Rings. As the time of this ritual draws near, Alear—the wyrm god of prophecy—awakens to find the rings and use them to ensure peace on the continent. But Sombron – demon dragon and nemesis of the wyrm god – rises up and seeks the rings for his own evil purposes. Only Alear and his allies stand between him and utter annihilation.

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In the role of Alear, players command the wyrm god’s army through numerous turn-based battles. Each of them is different and requires different strategies and approaches. The key to victory is the skilful use of the various weapons and the terrain: only those who use both to their advantage and know the peculiarities of their own and enemy troops can leave the chessboard-like battlefield victorious.

In addition, all players have the opportunity to adapt the gaming experience to their individual strengths. They can choose between three levels of difficulty, decide the fights for themselves using the auto-battle function and use the beginner mode in which fallen allies – unlike in the classic mode – are resurrected after the fight. Also practical: With the Dragon Age Crystal, you can turn back time and repeat failed moves.

So, access to the demon world opens on April 5th! In addition to a new scenario, there are new classes, places, locations and helpful items that will further expand the adventure in Elyos.