Fire Emblem Fates – game review.

Will you agree with me that from time to time there are gems on the market for which it is worth having another platform at home? Before buying the Nintendo 3DS, I made a simple examination of my conscience and, after browsing the upcoming premieres, I stopped at Fire Emblem: Fates. The title captivated me many months ago and it was because of this position that the decision was made, and I trusted Nintendo’s equipment once again. After many hours of fighting, after learning two stories, I am sure of one thing – it was worth it.

Fire Emblem Fates – game review

We meet our hero at the moment when he and his family enjoy every free moment in the kingdom of Nohr, but his dictatorial father, King Garon, is still planning to destroy the neighboring kingdom of Hoshido. After just a few minutes, we set off on the first and, as it turns out, extremely crucial mission. The fight doesn’t end our way, and the hero finds himself trapped by eternal enemies. This is not the biggest problem though, as Mikoto, the queen of the Hoshido kingdom, claims to be our mother! Our real father was killed by Garon who took us to the kingdom of Nohr. Do not be afraid that you just got a solid spoiler in the head, because only at this point the actual gameplay and adventure begins. After a few conversations with the old-new siblings and the old-new mother, we set off for a fight that will determine the fate of the whole story.

Three Stories of One Hero

The above paragraph presents the first chapter of three installments of Fire Emblem: Fates – Birthright, Conquest and Revelation – and that’s when the actual story really begins. If you reach for Birthright, you will trust a new-old family and face the kingdom of Nohr. If your purchase is Conquest, you will return to the old family and attack the representatives of the Hoshido kingdom, and if you decide to abandon everyone and choose the rebel loner role, you will meet Revelation. This last story debuted only in digital version, but I will not hide that I have not yet had the opportunity to abandon my old life.

Fire Emblem Fates – game review

For a good start, I chose Birthright, in which I defied King Garon’s army, and it was a bull’s eye. Each adventure contains 28 chapters, but it is Queen Mikoto’s trust that is a solid introduction to the game. The creators are clearly not crazy about the challenges and even choosing additional difficulties – such as the permanent death of the heroes – can be handled without much problem. A much more difficult journey awaits the players in Conquest – defying a real family requires a solid workshop and years of practice in the genre from the daredevils. Here, I do not recommend jumping into deep water, because you can bounce off the position with a bang, and it is really worth knowing the whole story. There is a certain discord here, because the games clearly interact with each other, while the developers force the client to buy two or even three titles to be able to learn about all the events. Often in Birthright, I had the feeling that all the plots that have just been duly developed in Conquest are not being explored on purpose… Is this fair to the players? I am honestly not convinced.

This division of the story into three fragments also brings some clearly weaker moments. The authors did not manage to maintain a high level in all chapters, but learning about the events is a lot of fun. In some moments, the pathetic discussions of the characters or the protagonist’s dilemmas are amused, but the action is still defended from beginning to end. However, the developers managed to prepare very diverse and reliable families that would embellish each story – depending on the chosen path, we have different helpers (real siblings vs. various turmoil on the battlefield.

Fire Emblem Fates – game review

It is certainly worth adding that the stories are embellished with exquisite animations that resemble animated films. Developers allow you to look at the phenomenal scenes several times and you can only regret that these cutscenes do not appear on the screen more often … Although it is obviously understandable – the studio thus emphasizes important moments in the story. The gameplay itself does not look that good anymore, but I get the impression that the game is just at the level of the series – the close-ups during the clashes look nice, but on the other hand it’s hard to praise the setting for tactical pleasures.

Love is the essence of duels

Regardless of the chosen production, the main axis of the game is turn-based combat. Turn-based combat at the highest level, which rewards the player holding the console in his paws for cleverness, knowledge of the army and, for some time, sophistication. In each chapter, we fall into a location where we observe the opponents from a bird’s eye view and we can plan our actions. Only when we reach the enemy, we observe the approach to the warriors and each time we witness an effective animation. The competition quite quickly resembles an extensive game of chess, during which each move must be carefully thought over, planned, and at the same time, you cannot forget about the second screen, thanks to which checking the effectiveness of the selected attack is easier. Various classes of heroes are at our disposal and after just a few hours of gameplay, the army looks very solid. Some may even complain about prosperity, because the authors decided to reward characters with experience points only for damage dealt or defeated opponents, so even when completing heroes who will take part in the carnage, we make important choices.

Fire Emblem Fates – game review

These decisions have a greater impact in Conquest, because there are no side missions in this installment. The authors decided to diversify the story – there are non-standard fights – but we can not finish the team by sending on reconnaissance missions or by checking the abilities during the castle siege. Birthright does not lack such challenges and it is also an additional element that makes this version easier. In Conquest, we can focus only on the story, in which the tasks are more difficult and longer.

Duels resemble complex chess games for one more reason – the heroes interact with each other and, thanks to the right relationships, they can deal more damage, defend their friends and support them on the battlefield. I have not seen such an extensive system for a long time, which means that throughout the story we have to take care of proper character relations. This ingenious system may result in true love being born among fellow fellows, but woe to you if you bring any of your team to death. It may sound funny, but this digital intimacy had a big impact on me, and during the game I created a bunch of friends-lovers who supported each other in every possible situation. The developers have even gone a step further and allow the characters to enter into intimate relationships from which new fighters can arise. The kids join our team after completing the task, but it is worth taking care of “young blood”, because the heroes have a lot of strength and can kick on the battlefield.

Development in the slot machine, but at least we have a lock

With these considerable enthusiasms, however, I must mention the very development of the army, which was treated negligently. In terms of all available elements, it is the leveling up that is the worst. Only at the beginning we have more freedom in creating a hero – at the beginning, we create a hero, choose a gender, set an appearance – but other aspects are assigned automatically. For LVL we get random statistics, and from time to time a new skill will be added. Under no circumstances can we decide on the development of the protagonist. Only more interference is possible at the time of class change and promotion to a higher level – the level is reset and we can collect XP again. Maybe I’m used to a more European style of RPGs, but in this case I miss ability customization or point splitting. Of course, I feel the assumptions of the project, but the authors in this case should revolutionize their series a bit.

Fire Emblem Fates – game review

Between missions-chapters, we fall into our castle, which allows you to take a break from the constant battles. Here, for the points earned, we create new buildings, where we buy weapons, armor, cook dinners, take part in fights, or simply jump into our dark room and arrange meetings with another character. The magic of relationships is well-established because the authors allow for a pleasant flirtation. There are always all comrades in the place with whom we can also talk, pick up an item from them, or just take care of friendship. This is an important element in the later-more difficult stages of the game, but it is worth taking care of your companions from the very beginning, because at the end of the story it may be too late and it will be swept away. I recommend that you choose your favorites at the start, which we will take special care of – it helps to become closer to the heroes and at the same time makes the game easier. At the same time, conversations bring a lot of interesting facts, thanks to which we get to know the heroes better and receive a lot of news from around the world, the conflict of kingdoms, or events that took place before the start of the great war. This is a large dose of knowledge that is not essential to knowing the story, but it patches some gaps and allows you to look at Fire Emblem with a slightly different side.

It is worth having an additional platform for such games

Fire Emblem Fates is a great story. However, I am aware that the authors have prepared a huge story that has been divided into three adventures. In this situation, you need (!) To buy three games, but you can be sure that you will get to know an interesting story loaded with juicy, tactical combat. The title charmed me from the beginning and kept me in awe for many hours. I have over 70 hours on the meter, and I’m just getting ready for the extension.

Some elements could be played better, but in the end, we still get the highest level gameplay that all fans of the genre must know. Tactics, friendships, selection of companions, romances and a lot of tactics again … Productions can be exhausting, but each completed chapter guarantees a ton of satisfaction. Play!

Fire Emblem Fates – game review