As we planned a few days ago, Italian government instituted a decree (called Relance) to deal with the post-emergency situation Coronavirus, in order to reactivate the economy of our country.

In this decree, a fund was created to help the video game industry in Italy: well, the fund was confirmed and appeared on the Official newspaper. The sum is four million euros and aims to support the design and pre-production phases of video games, necessary for the production of prototypes, by awarding grants, represented up to 50% of eligible expenditure, and for an amount ranging from 10,000 euros € 200,000 per single prototype.

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The prototype of a video game, as he says IIDEA, the professional association of the gaming industry, represents the first playable version of the work and is the tool through which developers present their development project to publishers and investors to obtain the necessary financing for subsequent production. of the final product and for its distribution on the international market. The realization of the prototype, which generally coincides with the design and pre-production phases, requires a significant investment in terms of resources by the companies and generally takes place under a regime of self-financing by the companies themselves, without being able to count on financial contributions from publishers and / or investors, who can intervene in the final stages of production.

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The modalities of disbursement of contributions will be defined by a subsequent decree of application of the Ministry of Economic Development on the basis of accessibility criteria and of simplified application and selection procedures to allow entrepreneurial realities, mainly small businesses, to be able to benefit from contributions without going against cumbersome procedures. Once the project has been adapted and the application accepted, the study will take 18 months to produce the game prototype which will then be put on the market.

The video game industry during this period may be one of the few that did not suffer much from the pandemic: more time at home for many Italians meant more time to play, with digital distribution that compensated physical stores. This was the case all over the world and, according to IIDEA data, in Italy the turnover is equal to one billion and 787 million euros, with a growth rate of 1.7%.

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As mentioned earlier, the four million is certainly not a panacea for all ills, but it is still a first step in sustaining a thriving and continuously growing industry.

Source: Il Sole 24 Ore et IIDEA

Source: Reddit