Last month we talked to you First playable background, or the 4 million euro fund decided by the government to support the Italian gaming industry, contained in the revival decree.

The fund, strongly desired by Mirella liuzzi of 5 stars, at ” support the design and pre-production phases of a video game by financing 50% of eligible expenses for an amount of 10,000 to 200,000 euros per single prototype», Businessinsider reports. Well this project is likely to be canceled by Marianna Sideboard of PD which, with its amendment, ” aims to remove the fund to increase what has already been allocated to innovative startups, which would thus be funded to acquire services provided by incubators, universities, research organizations and technology transfer centers 4.0« .

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In reality, this provision of the fund would be in line with what has been done by other countries. In Germany, for example, the domestic market has been supported for some time with a fund of 50 million euros, while in Poland the market is supported by a fund of around 30 million euros.

Therefore, other countries are definitely ahead in supporting an industry which according to what is shared by IIDEA, achieved a turnover in 2019 ”or 1.8 billion euros», With growth mainly driven by software.

But in addition to turnover, we must also consider that the sector generates jobs: “an international video game reaches between 200 and 300 people for a development period of 2 or 3 years” he said Luca De Dominicis, founder of AIV (Italian Academy of Video Games).

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What Mirella Liuzzi wanted was an important signal for a growing sector which is still struggling in Italy compared to other countries. But the numbers are there for everyone: for example King games of Riccardo Zacconi was acquired by the colossus Activision for a good 6 billion euros.

As Businessinsider points out, this is not the first time that PD has met the industry. In the past, Carlo Calenda, former Minister of Economic Development, defined video games as one of the “causes of inability to read, play and develop reasoning“. De Dominicis’ quick response came with this statement, who said it was necessary to dispel the false belief about harmful video games because ”there are various studies showing the opposite« .

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It should not be forgotten that video games and simulators, to this day, are used more and more to learn, study and understand basic subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). But, apparently, Italy does not want to follow the other countries in certain areas and the proof is precisely in the possible elimination of the first playable fund.

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Source: Businessinsider.

Source: Reddit