Today, Thursday, February 2, the second day of AppCity2012 was held, a training event focused on the iOS platform that is taking place in Zaragoza. We are, therefore, in the middle of the sessions that will end next Saturday and it is a good moment to share the first impressions of what has happened so far.

First, highlight the scenario chosen by the organization. The Zaragoza WTC offers magnificent facilities to teach the 4 courses into which the program was initially divided. Cozy and with good communication with the main points of interest in the capital, despite the works that the city is undergoing.

We have commented that initially there were 4 courses because those responsible for AppCity decided to divide the track of initiation to the programming to cover the needs of those attending said course (the largest of the four). In this way, those who had no previous experience in the world of programming started with basic concepts in order to acquire the necessary base to “stick” later with Xcode and Objective-C.

The programming course advanced (given, like the initiation session by the people of Atomic Flavor) also has a large group of attendees with the aim, in this case, of expanding their knowledge and delving even deeper into the development of applications.

israel luri Up to now, he has been in charge of directing the sessions of the track of design. A real luxury to have a professional of his level.

Lastly (but not least) the course of Unity 3Din which the first game demos made by the attendees have already begun to be seen.

Special mention deserves the documentation delivered to the participants in each of the courses. Very complete, detailed and updated to refer to the latest versions of the work tools for each track.

However, AppCity2012 is not limited to training sessions: the sharing of ideas and projects between the people who attend the courses and those who teach them, the presence of different companies to share their experiences in the world of applications companies, a round table in which some of the most important blogs of the iOS platform in Spanish and that surely can be useful to more than one developer to know how to better “sell” their future applications, etc.

In short, an event that is exceeding the expectations created. Let’s hope that the two days that remain are at least as positive as the previous ones.

More information: AppCity2012