Fix the error code “105035” on the Zoom.

Fix the error code “105035” on the Zoom

Method 1: Change the settings

Error in question with code “105035” occurs exclusively on the desktop version of Zoom when trying to activate the screen demo. Normally, and this is especially true in the case of the Zoom SDK, the main reason is that there are no important files in the root directory of the program, which can be replaced by enabling the remote control function.

Fix the error code “105035” on the Zoom
  • When you encounter the problem in question, the first thing you should do is close and reopen the program with administrator rights. To do this, right-click on the icon and select “Run as administrator”.
  • Once the launch is fixed, in the Zoom work window, click on the “Home” tab. and press the start button. Please note that settings can be changed while the conference is active.
  • Use the menu on the left of the popup window to navigate to the “Screen Demo” page. and within the category “Window size when displaying the screen” activate the parameter “Activate remote control of all applications”. Settings are applied automatically, so you can immediately check functionality when you’re done.
  • If the specified function works correctly, the onscreen demo will start without any error, even with corrupted or missing files in the root folder. If not, be sure to check the status of the option in the settings window and repeat the above procedure if necessary, as the settings may be reset if Zoom is run without administrator rights.

    Method 2: Install updates

    A partial solution to the problem at hand may be to update the software to the latest version, as this automatically fixes old bugs while also checking the working files for missing or corrupted items. With that said, if you’re already using the latest version, you can skip ahead to the final section of the instructions.

    Fix the error code “105035” on the Zoom
  • As an example, we will see the easiest method of updating, although you can use the Microsoft Store or the official website if you prefer. While in the Zoom workspace, in the upper right corner, click on “Home”. and left click on the profile photo and select “Check for updates”.
  • When an “Update Available” pop-up appears, click “Update”. and wait for the download to complete. Otherwise, as already said, move on to the next method.
  • After waiting for the download to complete, confirm the installation with the “Install” button. Please note that the program will be automatically closed during the procedure, including active communication sessions.
  • Finally, after the reopening, all that remains is to enter the conference and activate the screen demo function. This solution usually works just as well as a complete reinstall, but only if patches are missing.

    Method 3: Complete reinstallation

    A more global solution is to completely reinstall the software to restore all important files to the root directory. You can install the version of your choice from the official website or from a separate page in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and 11.

    Fix the error code “105035” on the Zoom

    Download Zoom for Windows

  • Right-click on the “Start” icon. on the taskbar and select “Apps and features”. You can also select the “Applications” category. on the home page «Parameters». Windows.
  • Using a text block “Find this list” search and select “Zoom”. Here, you need to use the “Delete” button. and confirm the uninstall in the pop-up window.

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    Fix the error code “105035” on the Zoom
  • After the uninstallation is complete, go to the official website and download the installation file from “Download Center”. Installation in this case is fully automatic, takes a minimum of time, but requires a constant Internet connection.

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  • After waiting for the installation to complete, open the program, connect and immediately check that the demo screen works. Do not forget that it is better to use the Zoom in «Run as administrator». and activating the function from the first section of the instructions to avoid problems for sure.