Thinking about Apple often leads to thinking about design coherence, but things have not been exactly like that for iPhones and iPads, who have gone their way in many decisions in that area.

That could change with future iPhone 12s, which according to Bloomberg data would adopt the flat edges that can be seen on the iPad Pro instead of the rounded edges of the traditional iPhone. The trend, in fact, is what we already saw in the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 years ago, and it would give us a different look and grip than the iPhone have had since the iPhone 6 of 2014.

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From curved edges we go to flat edges

IPad Pros have long embraced those flat top and side edges that differentiate them from the “standard” iPad and that of course give them a differential finish, and now that detail could be one of the novelties of the iPhone 12 design.

This is indicated in Bloomberg, where Mark Gurman pointed out that these new models of Apple smartphones they would resemble those iPhone 5 in that sense that had those characteristic flat edges.

Sources close to these plans also mention that these iPhone 12 will have a screen that will be flat and it will be integrated with the body, which again seems to be the legacy of those iPad Pro that were recently renewed.

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The frames, yes, would be reduced to the minimum expression, and in fact another of the rumors that affect the design of these future iPhone points to a notch somewhat smaller in size than previous iPhone models.

Eos iPhone 12 will arrive with three rear cameras on Pro models and two in the base models, while among the novelties in that system is the arrival of the LIDAR that is already part of the new iPad Pro.

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