Flat Heroes Review – Jump, Dodge and Survive.

Platform games are always welcome. Whatever they are, whether they have a plot line or not, whether they are simple or complex … You can always enjoy them in one way or another. Today, we have the pleasure of analyzing Flat Heroes, a platform game developed by Parallel Circles, a developer created by Spaniards based in Manchester. The title is the most simple, entertaining and addictive that we can find, which aims to entertain players of all ages. In addition, we have a contest, in which you can win 1 of the 5 digital copies of Flat Heroes that we have, so, you have much more information in our video analysis, and at the end of the article.

Simple and for the whole family.

Platform games, like the vast majority of titles on the market, have the main purpose of entertaining and this Flat heroes was not going to be an exception. So that you have any reference to other games, we have to say that it reminded us a lot of the minigame The Impossible Game and above all to Super MeatBoy. Those of you who have played these titles, you can get a perfect idea of ​​what this is like Flat Heroes.

Flat Heroes Review – Jump, Dodge and Survive

So, we begin by talking about your playable mechanics, which we have found very affordable. since the game limits to control a small square through different worlds and levels. Of course our main task will be to prevent this be destroyed at all costs.

In this way, playability of Flat heroes we thought it was good optimized and intuitive. Here you have to make a small note, and that is, the developers themselves recommend playing the title with a controller or controller, as it greatly facilitates its control. Our main task will be to move the square around the stage, with the possibility of sliding quickly in all directions. Also, you have to know that there are two peculiarities in the control. The first one is that we can execute small explosions with our square, which will help us to finish off the enemies at specific moments, or destroy certain objectives. The second is that we can keep our box in the air for a few seconds, if after jumping, we keep the button pressed.

Flat Heroes Review – Jump, Dodge and Survive

Within this section, we must highlight that the control system it’s very good worked up and optimized, as we expected it to be. Thus, the movement possibilities offered by the painting present a ideal response speed. In fact, to spice up the game a bit more, there are a couple of modifiers that we can unlock during the games, which will reduce the speed of the game, to offer a little more variety to gameplay.

Video analysis

We get fully into the game and the first time we access it, we visualize the minimalist main menu and we directly see that the game has different modalities than to be able to enjoy. So we find the way Bell, The mode survival and a last mode baptized as versus.

Flat Heroes Review – Jump, Dodge and Survive

He main mode, as in 95% of the games there have been and for having, is the campaign mode. In it, we will have to advance with our protagonist square through numerous levels and worlds, surviving all the peculiar ways of dying that we will find in each of them.

As you can imagine, the campaign mode is structured in worlds, and each world is made up of several levels in which our single objective is to survive. In this way, we find 15 levels per world (14 normal levels that increase in difficulty as we complete them), and a last level, in which we will face a final boss. Each of them will have a peculiar characteristic or skill to make life impossible for us. After completing this last level, we will go to the next world.

Flat Heroes Review – Jump, Dodge and Survive

Variety is one of the main pillars of Flat Heroes, because there is no level or world equal to the previous one. If it is true that all the levels of the same world share certain similarities, but in each of them we will have to survive in a different way than its predecessor. In this way, we will not find two equal scenarios, something that is very appreciated in platform games. As well enemies vary in each world, thus having different characteristics, and different skills that they can kill us.

This mode offers the possibility for players to play it individually, or cooperatively together with 2, 3 and up to 4 friends or colleagues, a factor that we undoubtedly recommend and not only for the campaign mode, but for the rest of the modes.

And is that following this section we are going to talk about survival mode. In it, as its name suggests, we will have to survive death for as long as we can, and obviously, the longer we survive, the more difficult it will be to endure alive, as the difficulty will increase by the minute. One characteristic that this mode presents is that we can choose the type of enemies to face, or instead, choose the mode “Mix” in which all the adversaries offered by this Flat Heroes. In most of these survival modes, we can play 1 to 4 players, but there are some like for example Arrows or “alone”, which only allow one player to play.

Flat Heroes Review – Jump, Dodge and Survive

Finally we find the versus mode, which we think is the most entertaining that the game presents, which invites you to play it with friends. In general, the whole game is designed to play in company, but this mode above all. Within versus, we will find several variants such as “Battle”, “pursuit”, “capture” and “zones”.

The mechanics of each of these variants is pretty simple and it doesn’t need much explanation. In “battle”, We will have to destroy the rest of the opponents a number of times, until only one remains. In the mode “persecution” we will have to keep a small square adhered ours, and prevent the rest of the players from taking it from us. The first player to endure 30 seconds with this little square you win.

Then we find the way “capture”, in which our duty will be destroy an object that is generated from random way all over the stage. Finally, we find the way “Zones”, in which we must stay within a zone concrete that is coming bounded by a circle, The most time possible.

Flat Heroes Review – Jump, Dodge and Survive

With respect to technical section, the factor that shines the most in Flat Heroes is its attractive and simple design, which comes to life thanks to Unity graphics engine. As we have explained to you, each level has a unique design in itself, in which we will find platforms scattered throughout all the scenarios, which will help us survive. On a general level, it is very appreciated that the loading times every time we meet with death are really short, which allows us to maintain interest. Not to mention the addictive component that, whether you want it or not, gradually introduces you to the game, even losing track of time on some occasions. The soundtrack is very suitable for a title with these characteristics, but when we use our 5 senses to survive, it goes somewhat unnoticed.

In short, Flat Heroes is the ideal game to escape the routine of Triple A games. Your combination of competitive slopes and cooperative through their 3 modalities games, invite you to spend very entertaining moments in front of the screen, either alone or in company. In addition, the variety in relation to the scenarios and the different components that are part of the game, such as the enemies that appear in it, help not to lose interest at any time, inviting players to continue advancing a little more, to see what we find next. And you, will you get to the end and become the new hero of this game? Dare yourself.