Follow the Resident Evil Showcase event live here with the first Resident Evil Village gameplay

Upgrade: The event has ended. You can see it in full below or see all the news on the web.

Here are the most outstanding news that the event has left us Resident Evil Showcase with information from Resident Evil Village, the multiplayer presentation Re: See and much more:

Today Capcom and Resident Evil dress up with the celebration of Resident Evil Showcase, the event of the horror saga that will give us a new portion of information and gameplay from Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Showcase times and live video

Then we leave you with the video of the presentation so that you can follow it live with us. These are the Resident Evil Showcase hours in which the broadcasting will begin from the different Spanish-speaking areas:

  • Spain: 23: 00h
  • Mexico City: 16: 00h
  • Colombia: 17: 00h
  • Argentina: 7:00 p.m.

What can we expect from the Resident Evil Showcase

Capcom has not released too much garment about what we will see in the Resident Evil Showcase. Yes we know there will be new trailer for Resident Evil Village, the first video with gameplay and more news from the Resident Evil saga.

It is rumored that among that collection of news may be a remake of Resident Evil 4 or a collection with the first remastered installments, but for now they seem mere speculations intended to heat up the atmosphere for the presentation.