Football Manager 2010 is already around the corner, another year has passed and of course it is, Sports Interactive renews its virtual bench trainer simulator. Improvements, new features and a completely revamped 3D engine were promised. Are we looking at a mere update or is this a real evolution of the series? As the other said, predictions only at the end of the game.

This year was marked by the late launch of Champioship Manager 2010, just released last September, thus bringing the launch dates of these two eternal rivals closer together. With this approach of dates, the rivalry becomes more intense and more desirable for fans of this game genre, but will Football Manager 2010 (FM 2010) have what it takes to tap Champioship Manager 2010 (CM again) 2010)? Sports Interactive is convinced that it is.

Lighter and more appealing interface.

The news in FM 2010 are considerable, starting with the completely renewed look of the interface, which is lighter, more intuitive and more organized. Much of the complexity present in FM 2010 is completely disguised with this visual renewal, facilitating and improving the respective navigation through the game’s various menus. It is very easy to access the various ?? nooks ?? of FM 2010, the immense shortcuts that the game has contribute to this, unlike CM 2010, which sins a lot due to the absence of shortcuts that facilitate navigation.

Another improvement present in this new edition is related to the 3D engine for viewing matches, this has undergone a huge qualitative leap in relation to last year’s edition. The animations of the players have been improved, resulting in greater credibility of their movements, but even with these improvements, FM 2010 falls far short of what was achieved in CM 2010, it has a notable advantage in this regard, with an exceptional animation of the players on the field . The stadiums are also more detailed, important teams have bigger stadiums and more spectators. The amount of audience present in the stands is influenced by the importance of the matches and the teams that are playing. It should also be noted that the spectators are excited and react to what is happening on the field of play.

Football Manager 2010Renewed 3D engine gives more realism to the matches.

With good quality are also the variations of the weather conditions, the games can be played either on a fantastic sunny day or on a day full of clouds raining copiously. The weather conditions are not only aesthetic, if it is raining with great intensity, we can see that the movement of the ball is affected by the presence of water on the pitch, the players are also affected by the heavier terrain ??, getting fatigued with easier than if they were playing on a dry lawn. In addition to various types of rain we also have the presence of snow.

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