For all those managers who want to make a place for yourself in the glory of the beautiful game, here are a few tips that may be useful:

– Focus on training. Mediocre players will polish flaws, and good, youthful ones will explode. The key is to have the right employees. Go find them and get into the filters. If you are looking for a scout, indicate that you want them to have high attributes in identifying and judging potential players. If you want trainers, look for some with level 20 in tactics, technique, defense … and assign them just to that. They may not be the best in the trade, but they do their job like no one else.

– Negotiate. When you go to sign, your first offer is always very low. This way the representative will know that you are not willing to spend a lot. If you go in fear, they may end up teasing you.

– Look for players whose contract expires: at the beginning you have Gai Assulin or Mendy free. It’s tedious, but dig around and you’ll find bargains.

– If you do not get the money to buy someone, pay it in very long terms. You will strain it to the board.

– Optimize the position of each player. Trust the advice of second coaches and trainers and trust their advice.

– Secure every position on the field. Before you focus on super bargains, make sure every position is covered with at least one quality holder. There is no use having four good forwards if you have a penalty defense.

– To discover new promises, send your scouts and indicate that you want young people. This way you will discover interesting bargains. And, if not, you can always rummage through fansites that do not stop recommending new stars who will triumph in the coming years.

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