Football Manager 2015 – Analysis

Autumn has already filled all corners of the country and with it comes the most current version of what is the best trainer simulator on the market, Football Manager. We live in a country that breathes football everywhere and it will not be new to anyone that Football Manager 2015 is one of the most anticipated games by many Portuguese at the end of this year. As in previous years, this version comes with all the updates on the market and with some more news that facilitate the interaction of coaches with your team. Football Manager 2015 will hit stores on November 7th and has already won a captive place here in the newsroom.

With the cold invading the streets, nothing better than wearing your coach’s skin and vibrating with the transfers and results, taking our team to the highest level of world football. However, before starting to fight for the first place we will know what aspects have changed in this new version of Football Manager.

Football Manager 2015 – Analysis

Right after starting the game, we are faced with a design completely different from all previous versions that facilitates new coaches in their navigation, guiding your club to success.

Long before the opening whistle, we have the opportunity to choose our type of coach by selecting one of the two options available to us. We can put ourselves in the shoes of a coach who spends his life on the training ground or, on the contrary, choose to be a more tactical coach who takes more into account the psychology of the game. Having chosen the first option, it will be easier to develop the physical capabilities of the players in their training. The second option, on the other hand, allows us to have a more tactical view of the entire game and facilitates negotiations for a specific player. Each of these choices will have implications for our career and their attributes may be evolved.

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Football Manager 2015 – Analysis

Football Manager 2015 – Analysis

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Now the games will look even more realistic. The visualization of the game has been improved in several ways, from the variations of the time to the smallest details of the players. In this new Football Manager, around 2,000 new animations were added, and now we can experience the most diverse goal celebrations and feel all the pain and sadness of the player, when he receives a red card, just by looking at his face. The stadiums themselves have also been improved to the maximum. Although Miles Jacobson himself says that although the new matchview is not revolutionary, it will be a big step towards reaching the highest level.

The search for players is now as easy as a simple search on the internet. With the new game interface, there is literally a browser within our game, with its search bar in its usual place, at the top of the screen, and just start writing for the most diverse suggestions to appear. Also the cooperation with the scouts was developed to the maximum in favor of the coaches, now having the option to follow players in the long term and quickly find solutions in the market for the planned outings.

Funnier features were also added, such as the list of promises in which we have access to everything we promise to the most diverse members of the club. In this way, we can improve our relationship with the whole team, since the list includes even the least important promises that we usually miss. Now there is no longer any excuse for not fulfilling what we promised.

Football Manager 2015 – Analysis

Job interviews, a pioneering feature that has existed since the previous version, have become smarter and more diverse. The artificial intelligence of the game now focuses on both the past and the present of the coach, that is, we can be questioned about our past experiences, the reasons that lead us to leave a club, among others. These interviews become more detailed as we progress in our career.

Likewise, the press has also undergone an improvement. There are now two different types of journalists: those who are only interested in having an article that catches the public’s attention and others who, in turn, are more interested in the game’s tactical questions. In this latest version of the game, we can be interviewed in the tunnel minutes before the opening whistle, to predict the game and give an opinion on the opponent. There is also the possibility of a journalist “invading” the training ground to try to find out how we are preparing for the next meeting. We can also notice that the press is very attentive, analyzing all our games, so we can expect less sympathetic questions before a game against our biggest rival.

To further personalize our own style of play, new positions that players can occupy on the field and new PPMs (player preferred movements) have been introduced. Spearheads can now choose to stay inside the wide area and wait for an opportunity and the GRs can send long balls, immediately, for counterattacks.

Without thinking twice, we can say that this version of Football Manager is the most personal version released to date, that adapts to any style of coach, making, in my opinion, the gameplay easier. Even pioneers in the world of Football Manager will have no difficulty adapting to the game with this customizable version.

While many games last for weeks or months, we know that Football Manager lasts all year (and sometimes longer), but I think this version will “addict” lovers of this simulator even more. So if you thought you couldn’t live without Football Manager 2014, get ready because this year you will “hibernate” before there are signs of winter.

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