Very significant improvements that justify this acquisition.

This year, more than in previous years, this Football Manager 2016 will take months away from your social life. On the one hand it is good, because we have come to winter, many days when there is not much to do outside the home and, therefore, for those who like management games, this one came to that, but on the other hand, they cannot forget your basic needs (eating, sleeping, etc.), because when you find out, you are already so addicted that I doubt that you can get rid of the computer to have life beyond your office. When you start exploring detail by detail and have concerns about the hours, here, 30 minutes can be the time it takes to research a particular player and do “Next” … and then think: “Half an hour and I just did this?

By the time I start to write this analysis I have already tested two existing modes (Desafio and Carreira). To start more smoothly and because in the first two days I didn’t have much time to explore the game, I opted for the Challenge mode, choosing one whose goal, like the last FM editions, would be to end the season without defeat.

After this first experience, I took the challenge that most interests all Football Manager players, the Career mode. Starting this mode, or any other, for the first time you have the option of creating your character, choosing your uniforms, colors, etc.

Football Manager 2016 – Analysis

That said, it’s time to choose your club and get to work. Beginning, also prepare yourself for the difficulties of the same. The level went up a lot and, at the time of writing the analysis, I was training Manchester United but with serious difficulties. From what I understand, the game is getting more and more realistic. In FM2015, I found the first season in any club too easy, and the subsequent one too difficult, in which the opponents showed a better knowledge of our tactics. In this FM2016 this happens in the first season. In my particular case, at the end of November, I was in 9th place with Man. Utd., From where I ended up fired on December 1st.

Watch out for your players. If any player turns against you, the broth is spilled. From that moment on, the team radically lowers the performance and it becomes almost impossible to train the team. So, you will find a whole combination of factors that will influence your results, more than in another edition of Football Manager. Dissatisfied players, training, tactics, all this will play against, or in favor of, you. And be careful how you talk to players when they get injured, because previously this only happened when they were training for teams. The relationship with the press is also different and is slightly improved, it can also greatly influence your relationship with the club.

Football Manager 2016 – Analysis

After being put out of Manchester United, the trip does not “die”, because you will receive interviews from the media until you think it is already too much … but it gives another dynamic to the game and, of course, it will certainly influence your profile as a coach. Moving on to the tactical part, I felt some improvements in the environments, making management easier, but without slouching, since we have to check a lot and always pay attention to the smallest detail. And, in my opinion, the tactical management interface is much more appealing.

The staff interaction / management screens are completely renovated and also more interesting. The reports made by the scouts are more appealing, in which we more easily have all the most important information referred to on the main screen. We quickly decided what to do about X player, what are the main pros and cons. Personally, I prefer that over the 2015 version.

Football Manager 2016 – Analysis

One of the main changes / additions this year, and most notably, is the part related to statistics. Sports Interactive hired Prozone, which specializes in this area, and the result is in sight. You will quickly notice when you start to see some green bars during games, loadings, etc … I work 5 stars on the part of this company. For those who saw this characteristic as a basic need, well, now they have all of this, and the time spent in this field will multiply over and over again with so much information available in front of you.

New experience, in another club, and my history with the press had an influence on the future. Because? From experience, I rejected the public presentation / interview when I signed for a new club (after Man. Utd.) And the media got angry. Result: they hardly contact me. Therefore, each step taken has a real influence on our journey as a virtual trainer.

We know that games like Football Manager can become monotonous because each year, they could be based only on database updates, but Sports Interactive is not just dedicated to that. Maximum score when it comes to that detail, because it has not stopped in the evolutions.

In short, I say what many fans of the series will say after trying this 2016 version of Football Manager, comparing it to more sophisticated wines, the older the better. Well, this is the feeling I feel after long hours around you. The producer is aware of what we players propose and implement these same improvements. I even venture to say that it was one of the years when I felt the biggest / best news globally in the gaming experience. In fact, I think it only makes sense, it is the fans who buy the games, who better than them to help the producers improve from year to year? Recommended without a doubt

Football Manager 2016 – Analysis