Football Manager 2018 Touch – Review – now also on Nintendo Switch

Football Manager 2018 Touch – Review – now also on Nintendo Switch

A surprising entry into the Nintendo hybrid, with the full size of the PC version and good adaptation to the touch screen.

It was with a high dose of surprise that on April 13, Sega announced, without any prior notice, the availability of Football Manager Touch 2018 for the Nintendo Switch. From one moment to the next, fans of football management and lovers of training were treated to yet another option of trendy FM, a “mobile” version – Touch – close to the iOS and Android versions, launched at the same time as the PC, Mac version and Linux, in November last year. The surprise here is that this series has never been highly connected to consoles and has remained a mainstay in computers for more than a decade.

That is why its introduction in the versatile machine of Nintendo is noteworthy since this is a franchise that is not only very popular but also represents the great partnership between Sega and Sports Interactive, which over the years has consolidated itself as a reference in the management plan sporting. FM is very different from the traditional experience of virtual football played on the field, through which we are called to directly control footballers Here there is a whole administrative and technical component, a management effort that involves numerous parameters in the development of a club. It is practically the day-to-day work of a coach / manager that passes into the hands of the player, involved in a level of key decisions. However, those who have never played FM or do not know the series only if they are from another planet, because it is one of those few series that is highly irrigated among the “gamer” community.

Football Manager 2018 Touch – Review – now also on Nintendo SwitchPresentation of the games in 3D runs perfectly.

Taking into account the portable (not only but determining) nature of the Switch, this Touch version seems to fit with a glove, allowing the player to easily navigate between the menus and spend their time managing a team and defining the game tactics while away from home. In this sense, it is a well-achieved and relevant experience, although it is perceived that this type of game has better framing / use on the PC, given the convenience of reading on a larger screen and able to make it easier to read the indications and information contained in the divisions of a screen. However and as a Touch version of FM (superior to the iOS and Android editions), it is very competent and tremendously functional, for those who want to catch and play.

It is important to underline what we mentioned above. Instead of directly controlling the players on the pitch, we are called upon to manage a club, with all facets of this enormous task. From the observations, to the hiring, definition of the tactical scheme, passing through the orientations and substitutions during the game, there is a whole work developed from a synthesis of information. As always, in this annual advance, it is incredible the consistency of details and information referring to more than 600 thousand players, all from real life and updated for the current season.

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Football Manager 2018 Touch – Review – now also on Nintendo SwitchTactical analysis allows to reinforce the best qualities of the group, but the drama continues with descents and psychological lashes

Currently and for this year, the producer has called on the manager for some tasks previously delegated to the scouts. To this is added a greater set of information and data on the players we observe, crucial for defining their eventual signing. There is also more data about athletes, a numerical system that attributes more breadth and knowledge. In addition, it is possible to receive more long-term updates on the player, increasing his history. Basically, these details help to make FM unique and a reference bet in the genre indicated for those who seek to work with data and statistics as it happens in the day-to-day life of clubs.

However, despite the advances in terms of information and details about the players we have hired, sometimes their break in form and injury produce dramatic results. It is an inevitable situation (Jonas’ departure at Benfica, due to injury, in the last few matches, seems to have had an effect on the squad’s form). In FM these types of situations are chronic, but in this edition they seem to have taken on a new exponent, perhaps dramatic.

Football Manager 2018 Touch – Review – now also on Nintendo SwitchThere are more than 600 thousand players and 100 leagues to choose from to play.

The presentation of the 3D games was improved, with better lighting and animations. With this, some “bugs” that hindered the games were removed and that is why the games are more fluid and realistic. The game interface has been substantially changed, with some indications and options that were not previously available. It is, however, a considerable redefinition. The club’s tactical system and other management options remain

Essentially, this is a very enriching and profound experience, with all the drama associated with dismissals and divisions when team building does not happen in the best way or opponents manage their squads better. But it is also a game that shows some signs of a repeat of the same mechanisms that made the series so remarkable. We’ll see how Sports Interactive improves some of the attributes. On the Switch, the FM Touch version is very fluid, making it nice to progress between the information screens and technical options with the simplicity of the touch. The presentation of matches in 3D is good and all management is promoted very effectively. In a portable system like Switch, it is a good surprise and an alternative to have the best football management game in your hands. It is time for bench coaches to prove themselves and to consolidate their knowledge of football.