Miles Jacobson, Director of Football Manager, has announced the sales of the 2019 version.

In total, 2 million copies have been reached by adding the three versions of the game: FM 2019 for PC, FM 2019 Mobile for smartphones and FM 2019 Touch for all previous platforms and Switch. According to Jacobson, it is the largest number reached to date by the franchise.

Since 2013, all PC releases of Football Manager have surpassed the million-copy mark sold. It has not been clarified if FM 2019 for PC has already reached this figure, which is usually reached a few weeks before the next installment goes on sale.

We don’t have any details on Football Manager 2020 yet, but we’ll probably know more in a few weeks.

The FM19 family (FM / FMM / FMT) has just surpassed TWO MILLION sales across the different platforms – the first time that one of our annual releases has done this.
Thank you all so much for your support over the years. You keep buying ’em, and we’ll keep making’ em 🙂

– Miles Jacobson? (@milesSI) July 22, 2019 Manage cookie settings

Football Manager 2019 has sold 2 million copies between its three versions