Football Manager 2020 announced for PC, Mac and Stadia

The annual football games are as sure as the sunrise. We all knew that a new Football Manager was on the way, but anyway, Sega decided to make Football Manager 2020 official today.

The first trailer, which boils down to a compilation of real reactions from football fans taken from social media, shows absolutely nothing new in Football Manager 2020, but according to Sega, whet your appetite for September

It will be in mid-September that the main Football Manager 2020 news will be announced through Football Manager’s website and social networks. The only news revealed today is that there will be a version for Google Stadia.

Miles Jacobson, Director of Sports Interactive, says that the version for Google Stadia includes technology only available on that platform and that will improve the user experience.

For the first time, version for Google Stadia

“More matches can be processed in parallel using spare bandwidth throughout the system – this means you can have more leagues in your recording or have a faster experience while maintaining the same amount of leagues,” said Jacobson.

Sega also shared a Football Manager 2019 balance sheet, commenting that it is the most played and best-selling game in the series across all platforms. Nine months after launch, 60% of the people who bought it continue to play it.

Football Manager 2020 will be released in November for PC, Mac and Google Stadia, an unannounced day. In addition to this version, you’ll have Football Manager 2020 Touch for PC, Mac, iOS and Android and Football Manager 2020 Mobile for iOS and Android. All versions will be released simultaneously.

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