Football Manager Competition 2019 – Winners Revealed

The winners of the Football Manager 2019 competition have already been chosen, in which, in partnership with 4Play, we were offering a trip to London to participate in the world championship.

The winner of the competition is Tiago Azevedo, who wrote a letter that demonstrated precisely what was asked: to show that he is the biggest fan of Football Manager in Portugal.

There were, however, other outstanding participations such as that of Carlos Magina and Lucas Michelena, which were in the second and third place. You can check, after the list with the first classifieds, the winning participation.

  • Tiago Azevedo
  • Carlos Magina
  • Lucas Michelena
  • The winning entry

    Hon. Mr President

    During the last 11 years we have been following Tiago in his evolution within our game, and we have noticed an enormous progress, therefore deserving our vote of confidence.

    We see Tiago as a dynamic, competent, passionate person, focused on his goals and prepared for this new challenge. Since his first save, in 2007, he has shown a constant evolution, having achieved extremely incredible feats. To highlight the magnificent campaign at the service of Sporting Clube de Espinho, in the 2012 save, which culminated with his consecration as national champion. We also remember the fantastic six-time championship in favor of FC Porto, in the 2016 save.

    For us, it is worth mentioning the incredible recognition that he gave to Vitoria Sport Clube with 4 direct qualifications for the Champions League and the third championship achieved in the 2017 save. third place in your first experience for Your Majesty’s land.

    We recognize Tiago as a very disciplined and motivating coach, always trying to solve problems in an assertive way and seeking, in the first instance, the player’s happiness, without ever forgetting the club’s needs. The passion he feels is transmitted to the players and this has had an effect on the results shown. We see in Tiago a future, as he sees in the players of his formation.

    He is a coach capable of playing any type of football, which adapts easily and seeks effective solutions with the few resources he sometimes has. Above all, Tiago gives importance to a good victory but, even more, to a good football show and, with that, we are all winning. We can say that we are completely satisfied with the value of this player of ours, with his loyalty, competence and passion for the game that we develop.

    It seems to us that you may have all the qualities you are looking for and that you deserve this opportunity. We highly recommend Tiago for the position at his disposal due to his professionalism, his dynamics, the interpersonal relationship and his competence. Since there is nothing that would lead us to negatively criticize his professional and moral conduct, we recommend hiring Tiago.

    With nothing more to add:

    The Football Manager team