This Football Manager for iPhone and iPod Touch is an adaptation of the gigantic PC version to Apple mobile devices; It allows us to manage our soccer team wherever we are but, of course, cutting out some options. We have played it thoroughly to tell you if it is worth it or not.

As soon as we start we see that Sports Interactive and SEGA have taken it very seriously. The entire game is translated into Spanish, something fundamental in a title with these characteristics, where we are always seeing text and somewhat technical words.

The teams and the leagues is also something that we see immediately and that has satisfied us a lot. We have 34 leagues from 11 countries and they include 20,000 real players, with their stats and more.

Once we have chosen who we want to train we will find a menu very different from the usual one, adapted to the Apple format. All the icons are much larger and can be navigated, obviously, by clicking on them. It took me a long time to get used to certain screens where there were lists (the line-up, the search for players, etc.) because too many times the fingers are too wide to get it right the first time. Having a stylus or an iPad – solves the problem.

Other than this, the depth in some areas is staggering. Browsing, for example, although it only allows us to assign our employees to certain regions (and not to specific countries) gives very good results, and the search for players is fast and effective. At a glance, we can see in which positions they are strong and the large statistics will tell us if they are ready to fit our style of play. Very similar to the PC versions, if you have played them.

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The signings are another strong point, and there are practically no differences with his older brother. The players will negotiate and renegotiate, they will want bonuses, they will not go to weaker teams even if we offer them the gold and the moor? a key section that has been treated with care, and that constitutes a large part of this game.

Football Manager iPhone / iPod Touch 2010

Perhaps where this FM lacks the most is on the grass. There are the basic options of changing players and modifying the tactics or the mentality of the team, but it lacks enough depth and we are left with the feeling that the effect of our changes is somewhat limited. There is one type of gamer who won’t even notice it, but those on PC who are dedicated to changing even the smallest detail cannot hope to replicate the same experience.

The viewing of the games is in 2D with the typical badges, with the added option of zooming in on a part of the field or seeing only the comments – which, by the way, could be a bit more worked. In any case, we have not detected excessive bugs, although the AI ​​is not as excellent as one might expect.

Football Manager 2010 for iPhone and iPod Touch is a great game in every way, and we assure that it will satisfy those who buy it – although at a high price, it costs € 9.99. You can manage all the areas of your club, it has a huge database and adapts quite well to the Apple format everything that we are used to seeing on PC and Mac. It lacks depth in certain aspects, logically, and we should not think that it will replace the major versions; yes, remove the monkey that gives pleasure.

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