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After what has seemed like the longest beta testing in history, Sports Interactive will launch its football MMO later this week. For those who do not know what it is about, we explain it to you: Football Manager Live is a simplified and more accessible online version of the traditional Football Managers. Much of the micromanagement has been removed and replaced with fun community features. Oh, and there is a monthly fee. You can pay in advance for three, six or twelve months. Approximately 30, 60 and 100 euros, although there are several promotions that lower the price. More information on the official website of Football Manager Live.

One of the most visible differences between FM Live and traditional ones is how teams are created and how players are bought. Once you log in, submit the name of your team and choose the costumes that will make your players truly intimidating males, you have the opportunity to manually select a team from a database of real players that is sooo big. As you can expect from a saga like this, everything is very exhaustive, so if you feel a bit overwhelmed you can always let the game choose the team for you. At first, because you’re on a tight budget, you’ll start with a bunch of players you’ve probably never heard of.

To raise your team you will have to start selling and buying. You can do this via an auction system similar to eBay. When a player goes up for sale, you and your fellow managers have a limited time to bid. When time runs out, the player with the highest bid wins. This system is terribly addictive, and you will be surprised more than once by going online at three in the morning to see if someone is cheating your bids. Anyway, this is not the only way to sign. Any player without a team is likely to enter an auction: one that lasts 24 hours and in which any user can offer him more or less salary to try to convince him.

You can create the first and second luggage.

Once you have the equipment ready, there is a very simple tool that will help you locate opponents. Depending on how many players are online (and what filters you put in) this can take anywhere from two seconds to ten minutes. When you find a user, you have five minutes to submit your line-up and tactics.

Diehard Football Manager fans might want to look elsewhere now. FM Live starts out as a curious tactical experience, since you have to learn skills to develop all the tactical options. Do you want to assign a target man or a midfield mastermind? Well, you have to learn both skills in the “skills” menu and wait for them to be unlocked.

Learning new skills can take anywhere from twenty minutes to several days. You can also specialize in a certain category (fast learner, doctor, businessman …) or choose to be an all-rounder. At first this system is more irritating than having a hundred thousand mosquitoes buzzing near your ear, but the RPG component adds, little by little, depth, and allows the uninitiated to learn the basics of the tactic little by little.

Football Manager LiveThere are many tactical options, but not as many as in FM 2009.

Once your opponent has finished defining his team, you enter a classic match simulation, with the system of badges and comments. You do not have the 3D engine of the new Football Manager. It is a minor disappointment, as this display mode works perfectly and is extremely realistic and gives you the necessary information to make the necessary adjustments, as well as keeping you in constant tension.

Each match lasts between ten and fifteen minutes, depending on which of the three speed levels you and your opponent agree on. This means that you can get fed up with playing instead of spending hours and hours in the same game.

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