For Honor: Trailer and a lot of changes since E3.

Today at Gamescom, Ubisoft revealed the full roster of all 12 playable heroes for For Honor, the critically acclaimed new action IP. The different factions: Knights, Vikings and Samurai will include four authentic elite warriors each, capable of making a great difference on the battlefield. In addition to the full storyline of the campaign mode already announced at E3 2016, For Honor will include five challenging multiplayer modes: Dominion, Brawl, Duel, Extermination and Skirmish.

For Honor immerses players in the chaos, fury and brutality of the game’s merciless and visceral melee, featuring crazed Vikings, deadly Knights and cold-as-steel Samurai. In each faction, players will be able to choose between four different types of Heroes:

Vanguards They are very balanced heroes, with a good attack, defense capacity and great versatility.

For Honor: Trailer and a lot of changes since E3

assassins They are fast and deadly characters, great duelists with a very good attack.

heavy they are the toughest heroes; his attacks are slow but deadly. They are especially effective when it comes to defending a point and annihilating AI enemies.

For Honor: Trailer and a lot of changes since E3

Hybrids they mix elements and characteristics of the other types. They are advanced characters capable of executing unusual tactics.

Heroes each offer their own set of skills, weapons, armor, and combat style. With an extensive gallery of customizable options, players will be able to configure their Heroes to not only achieve unique looks and behaviors, but also to best suit their fighting style.

For Honor: Trailer and a lot of changes since E3

For Honor’s elaborate progression system is unique to each Hero, with select items being shared between PvE and PvP game modes. At the end of each multiplayer match and campaign mission, players are rewarded with experience points (XP) that unlock new combat abilities and visual customization options. They also have the opportunity to loot armor pieces and weapons found on the battlefield, with specific stats that allow each player to tailor gear to their playstyle, while always ensuring that multiplayer gameplay is as fair as possible. and balanced as possible.

For Honor’s multiplayer modes can be played with and against other players, or bots, in split-screen consoles and cooperative play. These multiplayer modes offer each player a different way to become a seasoned warrior fighting on a battlefield they find believable:

For Honor: Trailer and a lot of changes since E3

dominion is a 4v4 player objective game mode in which two teams of four players fight to dominate the battlefield. It is a mode that is based above all on skill, communication and teamwork.

Brawl 2v2: Each team of two players needs to kill both enemy Heroes to win a round. Skill, knowledge, cooperation, and the ability to use the setting to its best advantage are the essential components.

1v1 duels promotes the face-to-face confrontation of two Heroes in a fight to the death. Player skill is essential in a Duel, of course, but just like in Brawl, players have the ability to use the stage and make the most of it.

For Honor: Trailer and a lot of changes since E3

Skirmish is a 4v4 team Deathmatch mode. Combat skills are paramount in this mode, as players earn points for their team by killing enemy Heroes.

extermination: In this 4v4 mode, the last surviving player on the battlefield wins the round for their team.

Consumers will be able to experience For Honor in person from September 15-18 through the For Honor Closed Alpha phase. The development team will closely monitor player feedback during the Closed Alpha phase with a view to delivering the best possible gameplay experience when the title is available. This Closed Alpha phase will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and PC. To sign up, stay on top of all For Honor-related news, and play it before other players, visit

For Honor: Trailer and a lot of changes since E3

Ubisoft is also pleased to announce that For Honor for PC is being developed by Blue Byte, a Ubisoft studio. Blue Byte is committed to maintaining the essence of For Honor’s innovative combat system, the Art of Battle, while adapting it for use with mouse and keyboard, thus giving PC gamers multiple options when time to decide how to play For Honor.

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