For Honor – what did we learn from the beta?.

Over the weekend, we were able to try out one of the best games of the year, which will be on store shelves in just two weeks, so the current state reveals a lot about what For Honor will look like when it comes out.

I was specifically looking forward to the For Honor beta. The concept has excited my imagination since the announcement, and I’ve really enjoyed the alpha, plus I’m in the lucky position to be able to write the test so I wanted to be as prepared as possible for the release. Even if I didn’t play non-stop, I put 14-15 hours into the game over the weekend, and during that time, pretty much everything turned out.

For Honor – what did we learn from the beta?

The game is specifically well optimized

Although I was a little worried when I bet on the first boot that I didn’t have the minimum machine requirements (I had an i5-2500k, Radeon R9 270X, 8GB RAM config, the game was running), with factory settings (Full HD + game) ran smoothly at 55-60 fps and dropped under it maybe twice in total.

There are still problems

Here I am thinking of things like the “Leave with group” button, which instead of leaving the team at the same time, exits the team or throws the leader out of it. Anyone who plays with, say, Siege knows that in Uplay, calling someone back is a nightmare, and here the situation was even worse. Sure, we can say that a feature this big isn’t impossible to develop, but then I ask: why couldn’t it be solved for beta?

For Honor – what did we learn from the beta?

There are no clear OP characters

Based on my own experience and Reddites feedback, there’s no hero that gets specifically a lot of mud. Apparently there are already fans who, with a few thousand hours of fighting games behind them, have reached a level with some heroes that will pack a man in a matter of seconds, but before we shout at a wolf, it’s worth thinking about how much we’re in the picture in terms of the opponent’s character.


In addition to the current multiplayer game modes, we also get a 4v4 TDM and a 4v4 Elimination mode, the only question is, will there be leaderboards that we can rub under the noses of others? Ubisoft has no secret carbon to elevate For Honor to the heights of esport, but it will also need a ranked system that will educate the best players. There isn’t one like this yet, and it’s probably not that hard to put together a leaderboard. Such a system is obviously further fragmenting the community, so on some level it’s understandable that they didn’t get involved until they had no idea how big the player base would be.

For Honor – what did we learn from the beta?

Still, they would need those servers

For Honor works without dedicated servers, with a P2P connection only, which is problematic in several ways. The host obviously always has an advantage, which is definitely not necessarily lucky in a game like this, and if the net coughs, it can affect the whole match. In addition, in the event of a ragequit, the entire match will be lost on the air. At Reddit, we find a number of videos where the connection was lost, the job was rollbacked, or other anomalies occurred. That in itself deters quite a few people from shopping, and there may be those who are physically prevented from going into battle. On most dormitory networks, for example, P2P connections are banned because of a reduction in torrents, so they are excluded from the party.

There are still two weeks left until the release, during which time (and in the weeks and months that follow) some things can still be fixed, but after the game has been made on P2P for 4 years, it will definitely not be changed, which could seriously stigmatize it. for the game.

For Honor – what did we learn from the beta?

Have you tried beta? If so, what is the experience like?

We still have something to tell you, you will find all the interesting things here!

  • Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: Action, TPS
  • Appearance: 2/14/2017

For Honor – what did we learn from the beta?