A global pandemic must have occurred for the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to allow the release of films in diffusion ask for a price. And this is an exception, with a lot of “buts”. The organizers of the Oscars announced the exceptional changes to be made for the next edition, which will no longer require the distribution of films in physical theaters.

With the popularization of streaming services such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video, controversy has also arisen in recent years. Major films produced by these services to be broadcast in diffusion they often had to be screened in a Lons Angeles theater for a few days to be considered for the Oscars. But this year, due to global lockdown or service films in diffusion nor those of traditional producers will be able to comply if cinemas are closed.

This is why the Academy has published the new requirements (exceptional and temporary) for a film to claim an Oscar at the event in 2021. Very briefly, the producers are exempt from showing the film in a Los Angeles County theater for at least seven days as was the case until now. The film can be published directly on diffusion. Of course, you must have already planned a movie premiere and meet all other prerequisites.

In addition, they warn that a temporary exception and it will revert to the usual rules once the COVID-19 situation is over. In fact, they warn that once lockdown is over and cinemas reopened, it will revert to previous criteria. When that happens, they will also allow screenings to be in more theaters than Los Angeles County, which will expand to theaters in New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, Miami, and Atlanta. .


“There is no better way to experience the magic of cinema than to see them in the cinema”

This change is a small victory for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and so many other producers who release their content. More than the fact of not having to broadcast in theaters, for the “recognition” of diffusion as a viable option. However, it is temporary and the Academy has made it clear that they only relax the requirements as an exception for closing cinemas due to COVID-19.

The president of the Academy, David Rubin, reflects it as follows:

“The Academy firmly believes that there is no better way to experience the magic of films than to see them in a movie theater. Our commitment in this regard is steadfast and unwavering. “

In recent years, the services of diffusion They picked (and won) the Oscars, showing the films for a few days in theaters, then placing them in their streaming catalog. This has enabled many Oscar-winning films available worldwide without having to go to the movies before and after prices immediately and without having to go through the distribution windows. As in the case of the Oscars 2020.

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Source: Engadget