Can the iPad replace a computer? the former president of Microsoft’s Windows division thinks yes, and it was shown on social media. We already told you a few days ago several uses in which the iPad itself is an alternative to a conventional computer, it is even better in many cases.

Steven Sinofsky, former president of Microsoft’s Windows division, posted a tweet sharing a photo of his setup “New desktop PC”. Without a doubt, something surprising came from a person who rose to fame working for one of Apple’s biggest competitors of all time.

In another tweet, Sinofsky reveals everything that is needed for his new “desktop PC” setup, where we have a big 256 Go iPad Pro, support, Magic Keyboard, Trackpad 2 et Apple Pencil, in addition to a holder and an additional connection dongle or hub.

What do you need to turn your iPad into a “desktop computer”

If you want to do like Sinofsky and turn your iPad into some sort of desktop computer, you need accessories that you can get for very little money. Then we leave you with everything you need to be like that former Microsoft CEO.

Bon support

The first thing you will need is good support to put the iPad in different positions, similar to what an external monitor would have, which is also a possible solution, although slightly more expensive. These types of brackets are not expensive and can be very useful for working with the iPad, these proposals that we offer you are very interesting because they allow us to adjust both the height and the viewing angle.

Buy an iPad stand | 19.99 euros

Wireless keyboard

It’s definitely another essential accessory, if you can afford the large Apple Magic keyboard, this is a great keyboard, but for less money you also have other highly recommended options, such as the compact and highly tactile Logitech K380.

Buy iPad keyboard | 47.28 euros

Wireless trackpad or mouse

To use iPad with new advanced mouse functions, you need an external trackpad or mouse. If you can afford the large Apple trackpad, this is definitely the best option. If you can’t, you better buy an external mouseor use the one you have at home, as there aren’t many options on the market. Although a very interesting option, which brings the keyboard and trackpad together in one place, we leave it just below, a Spanish keyboard with integrated trackpad and compatible with iPad:

Buy keyboard with iPad trackpad | 28.99 euros

A hub with connections

Finally, you will need an accessory for improve iPad connectionsFortunately, thanks to USB-C, you can read discs or USB sticks, cards, charge the device or connect it to an eternal monitor through just one port, and for very little.

Buy HUB iPad Pro | 28.99 euros

As you can see, as long as you already have an iPad, no it is not expensive to build a “desktop computer” similar to that recommended by this former head of Microsoft. The iPad is increasingly a device capable of doing more, and with iPadOS 14, some very interesting news can come.

Source: Techradar