Yet Dance in an abandoned mansion participating is one of Fortnite’s new weekly challenges.

After dancing in an abandoned building, you get extra XP as a reward for unlocking rewards in Fortnite Season 7.

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Dance in an abandoned mansion in Fortnite

For this challenge, you just need to do a Dance Off, in such an easy place to find.

Fortnite Dance Off Abandoned Mansion location map

Where should you be? You should look for the large gray tile mansion to the east of the map. To be precise, you can find it to the far east of the map at the border of boxes J5 and J6.

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Enter the mansion through the main entrance at the front. Go left. Continue down the stairs to reach the basement of the building.


The Dance Off spot is here. We explain how to end a Dance Off below.

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How to End the Dancing at the Abandoned Mansion Challenge

For Fortnite Week 2 challenges, you need to do the following:

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  • Complete a dance in the Abandoned Mansion (1 total, 10 Battle Stars)

Now that you’ve found the place for Dance Off, it’s time to dance.


You need another player for this. To participate, compete and use a dance emote on top of the lighted square floor panels.

Keep an eye on the dance floor and continue until the end of the dance, with someone declared the winner. Winning or losing does not matter: as long as you have participated in the Dance Off until the end, the Challenge will be ticked anyway.


Note: As usual, you need to complete the match to complete the entire challenge. It doesn’t make sense to stop immediately after the Dance Off.

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Do you have any problems? Then we recommend that you play the limited time modes. With luck, there are only one or two teams. Due to the lack of competition, it is much easier to explore the map.

Source: IGN