This has been an incredible year for Fortnite and Epic Games. The game broke all kinds of records, broke the most varied barriers and got in a crazy way in our society and culture.

For this very reason, Epic Games decided to celebrate 2018 with two weeks of Fortnite gifts, in an event called 14 Days of Fortnite that will take place from tomorrow, 18th of December, both in Battle Royale and Save The World

Little is known about the event – and the gifts that Epic Games mentioned – but we will post everything we know in this guide and also update the page when new information appears.

Fortnite – 14 Days of Fortnite

You can see below the description that Epic Games made of the event on its official website:

Battle Royale

The holiday parties have arrived at Battle Royale and celebrations are spread across the map. Grab a Snowball Launcher or hide in a Legendary Shrub with Christmas lights after jumping off the festive Battle Bus!

In addition to the map changes, the 14 Days of Fortnite event will bring you a new challenge with a new free reward every day. Each day also has new and old LTMs. And lastly, how about showing your holiday spirit by missing some festive costumes and checking out the new models that will be available daily at the Item Shop? Log in every day to see what’s new!

Save the World

Save the World has also entered the spirit with new and old themed enemies. Bring your friends and form teams to face the festive carcasses on the winter map.

Festive quests are unlocked daily and added to your quest log. Complete them to earn snowflake vouchers used in the store. You will find a free Upgrade Lama piñata in the store every day, and if you connect to the game around December 25th, you will receive a free Smorgasbord Lama.

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Thank you for an amazing Fortnite year!

You can see in the image below thirteen of the rewards that are supposed to be part of this event (courtesy of Reddit user Silox13). The fourteenth, however, remains shrouded in mystery!

Fortnite – All about the 14 Days of Fortnite event

Complete the Fortnite Challenges:

Fortnite Week 1 – Heavenly Platforms

Fortnite Week 2 – Giant Phone, Grand Piano and Giant Dancer Fish Trophy and Air Ducts

Fortnite Week 3 – Throw the Flying Saucer

Fortnite Week 4 – Tomato Head Hologram, Durr Burger and Giant Dumpling

Fortnite Week 5 – Desert Track, Snow and Grass, Wind Turbines and Heavenly Platforms

Fortnite Week 6- Heat Sockets

Fortnite Week 8 – Visit watches

Fortnite Week 9 – Solar panel in snow, desert and jungle

Fortnite Week 10 – Public Service Announcements

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Where can you find candy canes on the map

In this challenge, you will need to find at least two candy canes on the Battle Royale map, which you can see marked below:

Fortnite – All about the 14 Days of Fortnite event

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